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Heated Rollers

Updated on July 5, 2011

How to Use Heated Rollers to Style Your Hair

In the early years, heated rollers are the first to come to mind when you speak of hair styling. Lately, there was a report of a 60 year old woman who has been using a 12-set Carmen Delux Rollers for almost four decades already. The rollers are her daily companion since she first got it on her 21st birthday in 1971 and she still continues to use it to this date.

Many looks and styles such as the bouffant, Cleopatra look, and Sandy Shaw style are easily done with the use of hair rollers. Imagine how beautiful your hair would look like but without spending too much for professional help. Using heated rollers involve a few easy to follow technique that will end up with you having a fabulous hair style with great volume. However, there might be some problems with some women who find it hard and difficult to use hair rollers. To answer such concerns, here are some great pointers on how to use heated rollers to achieve the hair look you’ve been dreaming of.

Among the many hair rollers available, the ceramic type rollers are the best pick compared to the Teflon, plastic and rubber material because of their superior heating ability. Curls will last for much longer time.

Hair rollers come in different shapes and sizes making a wide range of hair styles possible. You should be very attentive to every detail like the roller size because it determines the size of the hair curl you want to achieve.  The smaller the roller, the tighter and smaller the curls will be.  For those who want a looser curl, use bigger sized rollers. The hair section width can also affect the quality of curl. To maintain and hold the curl in place, you can use styling products such as a setting gel or a hair spray.

Different hair style effects such as a wave can be made possible with a roller for ladies who would prefer a slightly curly hair over a tight curl. To achieve this, the roller must be left for only an hour otherwise the curl would become stiff and tight. After taking out the roller, the hair needs to be brushed then followed by a good wash with shampoo and conditioner.

A hair dryer can be used to dry off the hair since it would take time to let the hair dry naturally. After the hair has dried, you will notice a loose curly effect on your hair.

Hair rollers are preferred over chemical treatments which can cause damage to the hair. Hair rollers are the healthier option to curling your hair. But you also have to take into consideration that excessive heat from heated rollers can also cause hair damage.  You just have to take the necessary precautions as well as protect your hair with hair treatments.

Heated rollers are most preferred in styling your hair and giving it additional volume. They are readily available in most department stores and can easily be purchased easily.


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