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Heatless Hair Curling Techniques- How to

Updated on October 8, 2012

Sock Bun


Men's Dress Sock


Hair tie

Type of hair


What to do

Take a men's dress sock and cut off the toe part. You want to have two open ends. Starting at one end fold over about half an inch section and then continue folding over until the sock looks like a donaut.

Put your hair into a a very high pony tail since you will be sleeping on it over night. Take the sock donaut and starting at the ends, about an inch down, spread the ends over the sock. Start to roll the sock down your hair until you get to the base of your head. Now you have a bellerina bun on the top of your head. You may want to secure with a few bobby pins.

Sleep on this and in the morning unroll the bun. Take hair out of pony and flip head over to loosen up curls. Hairspray.

Sock Curls

Hair up in sock curls
Hair up in sock curls
Result of using Sock Curls
Result of using Sock Curls

Sock Curls


Long thin socks

spray bottle

Hair type

medium to long

What to do

After brushing hair split it into at least three sections. Thicker hair may need more sections or if you want tighter curls. Thinner hair may require less sections or if you want soft body curls. Wet hair with spray bottle, use a little mousse or hairspray to help curl stay and then begin to curl hair around the sock. Starting at the ends wrap your hair around the sock and then continue to roll the hair up to the roots. Knot the sock to secure curl. The curl will drop some. If you don't want it to hang down twist the bun so that the hair above it reaching toward the top of your head gets twisted. Secure on top of head with bobby pins or clips. Repeat for each section.

Sleep on hair and take sock curls out in morning. To loosen up curls shake hair out. Flip your head over and gently loosen up curls by shaking hair with hands touching only the roots. Hairspray.



Hair ties

Bobby pins

Hair Type

Any Length

What to do

Section hair into at least four sections. Spray hair with water. Use mousse or hairspray to help hair set. Make more sections, 6 or 8, if you want it to be more dramatic. Twist each section until it starts to turn down on itself into a bun. Secure each bun twist with a hair tie and some bobby pins. Repeat for each section.

Sleep on hair over night. Undo bun twisst in the morning and loosen up twists.

Rag Curls


Old t-shirt, stockings or sheet


Hair type

Medium to long

What to do

Cut t-shirt, stockings or sheet in long, thin sections. After all your rag curlers are cut a part, spray with water and mousse or hairspray your hair. Take section about an inch wide and roll around your rag curl and roll up to the top of your head. Tie each rag curl off in a knot. Continue around head until all your hair is up in rag curlers.

Sleep with curlers in. Take out in morning. Hairspray.

Bobby Pin Curls


Bobby Pins

Hair Type

Short, Medium, Long

What to do

Take about 1 inch sections and begining at the ends roll up section into a curl. Secure on crown with two bobby pins. Continue around head until all hair is pinned in place. Secure back pieces with additional bobby pins for sleeping.

Sleep on pin curls and take out bobby pins in the morning. Shake head to loosen up curls and hairspray.


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    • Laura Schneider profile image

      Laura Schneider 5 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

      This is great! I'm definitely going to have to try... okay, well, all of the ideas. The worst that can happen is in the morning I'll end up where I started: with fine, thinning long hair that refuses to curl. Voted up--keep writing, I can't wait to see what your next articles will be about. ~Laura