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Men's Heavenly Pleasure State Lingerie

Updated on October 16, 2009

Pleasure State comprehends the tantamount importance of looking super stylishly beautiful when undead. It is a fact of the human condition that men and women are both on an eternal hunt for razor blade cutting edge fashion and flawless fit. We crawl out of the womb in search of sweet lingerie, if only midwives thought to carry Pleasure State lingerie with them, humanity might be spared the post mortem search for the ultimate in lingerie pleasures.

Pleasure State makes lingerie, but it is lingerie that will remind you of Art Deco buildings, (my favorite panties at the moment remind me of a subway stop in Brooklyn New York, filthy and always with homeless bums vomiting about the place and police standing around uselessly.) It may also remind you of Art Nouveau, possibly the most useless of all art forms, and the allegedly illustrious architect Antoni Gaudi, who you might have heard of if you've studied architecture but otherwise will probably just nod along when you hear the name dropped at those fancy dinner parties you're always going to.

There are four labels in the Pleasure State family tree, Pleasure State Couture, Pleasure State White Label, Pleasure State VIP and Pleasure State My Fit. Join me on a journey of lingerie to explore them all.

Pleasure State Couture

This is the high end line of Pleasure State lingerie, the lingerie you can't afford and can't fit into. It embodies the form of elegant and stylish modernism, and looks just as good in the bedroom as it does in the mausoleum. I won't post any pictures of it here, it's far too high end to be looked upon by common Internet trolls.

Pleasure State White Label

White Label is a little like Zoolander's Blue Steel, Ferrari and Le Tigra all wrapped up in a big ball of Chantilly pretension, which is the best kind of pretension. The White Label collection is cheeky, featuring skirted thongs, French Knickers (Freedom Knickers, if you happen to be American,) and other enticing offerings. As the picture shows, it looks just as good on the living as the sprawled on the bed, recently dead.

Pleasure State VIP

I feel it is important to note that I in no way altered the photo which accompanies this segment. Pleasure State is not shy about their cornering of the zombie market, I just want to know what their reanimation secret is, she looks delightfully intact. The VIP collection is covered in Swarovski crystals, French Lace and Crystal trims. It looks pretty, but unless you happen to be of the dead demographic you might want to give it a pass, it could be a tad itchy against the flesh of the living.

Pleasure State My Fit

There are no pictures for this segment of the Pleasure Fit line, because Pleasure Fit doesn't have any as far as I can see, (admittedly, I didn't look very far, like a real journalist.) My reasoning for this is that all the models fitted with 'My Fit' lingerie instantly became grossly plebeian and started feeding from garbage bins.

With apologies...


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh and check the "rear" view of these little beauties. Lovely stretch material at the front with JUST enough room for, well, guys, and nice lace at the back.

      Yeah you're spot on Hope, Pleasure State is heavenly all right!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I have quite a collection of Pleasure State already, it's really nice. There is a nice black bodysuit, stretch satin with lace trimmings, lush! :)

      You should check out Little Minx - there's a hub request for you Hope :)

      Oh and a question for you - do YOU own any Pleasure State yet?!?!?! :P


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