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Heels, Heels, Heels and more Heels

Updated on July 12, 2013

Real Style

Killer high heel shoes are Style – real Style. In and out of fashion they go, but women's love of these evergreen seemingly ankle breakers never fades.


Badgley Mischka Women's Odell Platform Pump
Badgley Mischka Women's Odell Platform Pump

Among the top Ten American Designers. Satin upper. The ribbon ornamentation on the toebox is accented with a faux diamond orientation, and the slim platform and spike heel give you glorious height. $215.


Ideal for the Gala Occasion - worn by Pop Stars and the seriously fashion conscious Lady in the Spotlight. Not practical to say the least, but then when did practicality have anything to do with high fashion. Aesthetics is the norm, aesthetics plus the spice of originality and a touch of the extreme.

Heels of this length are very sexy and make the leg look longer and the ankle neat. The popularity of these shoes is the confidence to the wearer, the beauty of the shoe and the sheer style.

Gala Occasions – full spotlight – stunning dress – sparking jewellery – great hairdo – smart bag – stylish designer shoes. On some occasions – The Hat. Red carpet treatment whether or not the actual carpet is there.

It is not hard to imagine. Dreams are made of this.

Wedding shoes

For many women their wedding day is their day in the spotlight, the chance to be a star, to have everything perfect.

If that bridal dress screams out for those very high heels then carefully consider the terrain you will need to cover. Do you plan to walk down those fantastic steps in the old fashioned style, or cover cobbled or difficult ground, if you do then perhaps they are not a good idea. If you cannot resist then practise with them over the obstacle. Even warn the groom to go slowly without making it obvious he is doing so. May be practise that too. Falling is not a good look!

Wedding shoes

This is going to be a long day, make sure those lovely shoes fit properly. Designer shoes may not have the same sizing range of others. The look on a woman's face when her shoes hurt is not conducive to the wedding photo. Get some cushion insoles for a bit of relief as well. Such shoes were not meant for long hours of wear, have a spare pair of comfortable, but nice stylish shoes to change into.


Very high heels are not as dangerous as people think, they are fairly stable. The women walks on the front of her foot, placing it down first. There is little weight on the heel. True it is a balancing act and does need practice. These shoes too need to be well designed and manufactured to be safe, it is a mistake to buy cheap ones. Gala occasions call for the expensive shoe don't they!


Stilettos can be 10cm in height or up to twice that with a platform sole. They are named for the dagger and in consequence taper to a near point at ground level. Watch gratings - stilettos get caught in the gaps!

The pressure of these heels on the ground is more than 250 pounds per square inch, depending on the height and the weight of the woman wearing them. Normal shoes are only an eighth of that pressure. Added to this there is normally a metal plate over the bottom of the heel.

This is why people running fete's on superb green lawns and houseowners with polished wooden floors are not keen on women with stiletto heels. Be polite, do not wear them to fetes and the like and take your shoes off at the door if your host has vulnerable flooring. Alternatively wear heel protectors that cover the tip and protect the floor. No use on lawns though.

Style and not expensive

Madden Girl Women's Brklyn Hi Heel Pump
Madden Girl Women's Brklyn Hi Heel Pump

Strut your way from borough to borough in the classic Brklyn pump from Madden Girl. Its timeless silhouette is made modern by a crackled texture, almond toe, and thick tapered heel. Pair this versatile shoe with your favorite denim, a tailored skirt, or a mini and bold tights; it'll be a go-to style no matter your mood.



All colours and designs exist. Hands up all women with pumps for every outfit. A forest of hands! They are addictive aren't they. So useful and you can kid yourself you will wear them often, even if they are just that little bit expensive and you cannot really afford them! Tell yourself they are an investment - they never really go out of fashion!

Some pumps are peep-toe with a hole in the toe section for one or two toes to show. Not a style for the casual look. Toes need to be neat with nails carefully cut and polished for the very best appearance.

Slingbacks are cousin of the court shoe. Almost a sandal, they have an open back and a strap around the ankle. Very elegant, particularly in polished black leather or patent.


As old as the hills, and as fahionable as tomorrow these shoes have been around for thousands of years. Really just straps coupled to the sole to protect the foot.

Modern sandals come in all variations, some with heels, even very high heels. Very stylish, colourful and summery. Straps may be wide or narrow depending on the fashion of the day, one colour or many. Decorated with beads, pretty plastic flowers, rhinestones, silver studs, there are sandals for every mood. Designers imaginations can conjure up stunning ideas.

Sandals need not be just for the informal occasion, they are just as at home with the formal.

Designer high heel sandals are chic and sexy.

Strappy sandals with high heels enhance the gorgeous foot and leg. Thin straps elegantly twine around. The foot feels cool and free. Goes with most clothes. Regular pedicures needed for this style!


Mainly for those of us who need a little more height. A sole of varying thicknesses according to fashion or trend gives actual height to the wearer. These shoes can have heels and sometimes killer high heels. Can be any type of shoe from sandals to the more closed in variety. These too are an ancient design but come back again and again, perennially popular.

Killer high heels and platforms combined can be very high indeed. They need care. Not smart in the wet, but fine for the red carpet.

Some words of caution

There is a great deal of medical evidence that the wearing of high heels causes damage to the body, not just the feet and legs. Kitten heels are fine, but anything higher causes problems with the lower back and spine.

Walk around a little in your flat shoes and then your higher heels – what does it do to the posture you must adopt for the higher variety. Looks great, but how does it feel. Can you feel shock waves in your spine – try on concrete or other hard surface. Damage to the spine can go as far as the neck. It is the way we must change our posture, which while it looks so sexy, puts our bone structure and muscles under pressure. The skeleton was not made to walk that way!

Ahhhh! Style and sheer comfort

Jessica Simpson Women's Cody Flat
Jessica Simpson Women's Cody Flat

When your outfit requires a flat that's a bit more sassy, slip into Jessica Simpson's Cody. Its soft leather upper is accented with an almond toe and an antiqued buckle detail and mini studs on the vamp, and its bold animal-print lining hints at your inner wild side.



Higher heels than just above kitten height, particularly stilettos should not be used for wear all day. It is not for nothing that we get home at night and sigh with delight as we snuggle into our flatties!!!

One very smart idea is to wear ordinary walking shoes to the place of work and then change into high heels to look smart. If you are popping out to get a bite of lunch at the take away then pop your walking shoes back on for the duration. Moderation in all things may be.

We are all familiar with the exercise gurus. Perhaps we can take a leaf out of their book. Sports folk stretch before they put their bodies under stress. Perhaps, ladies, we should stretch before we put on our high heels and put our bodies under stress. Seriously, not a bad idea.

A bit of History

High heels were invented for riding in the 14 and 1500's. Cowboys used them in the wild west of the 1800's. Very handy because the heels stopped the foot from slipping in the stirrup. A practical answer to a practical problem and a feature still in use today.

Both men and women wore them in medieval times. Very high fashion. That they made people look taller was popular, but their use as a fashion statement was not lost on the times. Very popular with the fashion conscious French and Italians. Platform shoes were banned in Venice in 1430 – nothing new under the sun!

Needless to say the wearer of this type of shoe was well off and this is where we get the term 'well-heeled'!

Certainly the Pop Stars and the Lady in the Sporlight are usually 'well heeled' in both meanings of the term!


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