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Why New Balance HKNB is Perfect for Every Woman

Updated on March 19, 2015
All photo credits to Theogeo
All photo credits to Theogeo | Source

The New Balance collection for women consist of easily wearable clothes that can take any woman from a casual meeting, to running errands and to break a sweat in the gym to keep those gams toned. The idea behind the clothing line is to give every woman a no-fuss solution to her daily dilemma in choosing what to wear considering the varied activities she engages on a daily basis. The HKNB line takes the confusion out by providing clothes that are very versatile, comfortable and make any woman look great.

Heidi Klum known for her stint as a host for Project Runway endorsed New Balance. Klum may have resigned as one of the Victoria's Secret model earlier but this does not mean that she will remain in the background. The collaboration made the supermodel one of the faces to endorse a line of women's wear that specifically caters to the comfort and style of regular women.

Heidi is behind the New Balance Heidi Klum for New Balance or HKNB active wear clothing campaign. The HKNB line carries a wide variety of lounge, sports, and active women wear which are both fashionable and comfortable, just perfect for any busy woman. Whether you are a working girl which spends her free time engaged in sports or fitness activities or a mother who runs her own business right at her own home, New Balance has everything for you. Take a pick from its wide array of active wear.

The Heidi Klum for New Balance (HKNB) collection is a hit for women since the collection consist of mostly basic wardrobe staples infused with a fresh twist to make any woman feel and look good. The HKNB line can be obtained also via Amazon.

All Photo Credits to
All Photo Credits to

Heidi Klum is the epitome of a woman who is active and busy and yet finds time to make herself look good by exercising and maintaining a very healthy lifestyle. A model's job is no easy fit no matter how glamorous it may seem to all of us. No wonder Heidi gets this plum endorsement.

Everyday casual clothing need not be boring. The HKNB clothing line comes in deliciously alluring colors to compliment every woman's wardrobe. More that this, knowing that New Balance is aimed at people who are into an active physical lifestyle, one is assured that these clothes are made of the lightest material to ensure comfort.

The HKNB provides women with a flexible option to do their daily activities without having to change clothes but still manage to look great in every activity. So what are you waiting for? Check out the HKNB line in your local New Balance store or via Amazon online.

Heidi Klum Interview YouTube video (all rights to this video belong to theblayreport)


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