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Helicopter Tattoos

Updated on July 8, 2014

Chibi Fire Attack Helicopter Wall Decal Cutout 14.5"x24"

When I usually look around for interesting tattoo art, no matter what topic I pick there is usually a plethora of tattoo examples and images to look through. Not in the case of helicopter tattoos, which while extraordinary overall in quality and detail, caters to a small but enthusiastic audience.

That takes nothing away from the theme though, as they are among the better tattoos I've seen, as far as detail and interest goes, although there are quite a few exceptions to that rule overall.

Maybe it's the low number of samples that is skewing my thoughts. Possibly. But either way, the majority of the helicopter tattoos I found were very well done, and even though most of us would consider average, still had a part of them that was compelling.

So below are a few of the few helicopter tattoos I found. Enjoy.

This particular helicopter tattoo was probably what I would consider the lower end as far as art was concerned. But why I liked it was the way the propellers were made to appear to be moving. That was worth the look in itself to me.

Helicopter Tattoo

Below is a pretty cool look at the helicopter design of DaVinci he made hundreds of years ago. Interestingly, Former Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates bought a bunch of DaVinci's notebooks with other drawings far ahead of their time, even if the design and mechanics may not have been accurate.

Cool DaVinci Helicopter

This is another example of why I always encourage people to not put their tattoos on places the overall image can't be seen. Either that, or be sure to tell the tattoo artist to shrink the size down.

The quality of this helicopter tattoo is high, but that quality can't be appreciated in the way it could be if it had been able to be seen as a whole.

Either way though, it's a great tat.

Helicopter Tattoo on Arm

You've got to look at the detail of this grouping of helicopters to appreciate this tattoo, as it's a bunch of them flying on a mission together. It would be easy to miss the back ones because the front two are so predominate. Yet gaze behind and see the other helicopters following. Cool!

I also like those figures in the front helicopter on the left as you look at it.

Full Front Helicopter Tattoo

Very nice tattoo of a helicopter flying over the background of a bridge. The bridge in this case could be considered as important as the helicopter. It is full of detail and would take some time to ink on.

Helicopter Tattoo with Bridge Background

This is one of the most detailed of the helicopter tattoos I found. I love it when they take the time to create and include this type of detail in a design.

Detailed Helicopter Tattoo

Here's another great helicopter tattoo with amazing detail. This Apache helicopter is as fascinating in real life as this artist made it with this tattoo design. When a tattoo is done in this way, in my opinion, with only the darker color, it brings out the detail far better than it does when you include all the colors. It doesn't get much better than this.

Combat Helicopter Tattoo

So there you have a nice batch of helicopter tattoos to enjoy. As you can see from the images, the challenge of this type of tattoo theme is being able to ink it on in a way that satisfies the customer as well as giving credence to the helicopter itself.

The difficulty is in the unique shape of the helicopter, which makes only certain parts of the body good places to put it. Either that or it needs to be made smaller so it can all be seen.


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    • profile image

      Tyo 3 years ago

      Nov03 sara-leeyes sorry typo *pinterest i cant seem to see the pin it button anrywehe on your page? very very cool stuff by the way, Im a primary school teacher and your ideas are fantastic for the classroom:)Reply

    • Matt in Jax profile image

      Matt in Jax 6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      That full front helicopter tat looks amazing. Nice hub.