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Henna Tattoo Flowers Pictures

Updated on July 1, 2011

Henna Tattoo Flower Pictures

In recent years Henna has become popular in Eastern countries as a material used for non-permanent tattoos because of its antiseptic qualities which protect against fungi & some bacteria's. It is also because of these qualities that it is has been used as scalp treatment, to reduce hair loss, to increase hair length, for jaundice, smallpox and for skin infections.

However, its use as a hair colorent has been dated as far back as 7000 years ago when Egyptian Nefertiti and Cleopatra would use it and is still found amongst many European shampoos since its widespread introduction in the late 19th century. Henna is small shrub which grows 8-10ft tall in India, Egypt and Persia, because of the extensive uses of it flower I wanted to dedicate an article specifically to the floral designs found within the henna tattoos.

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Henna Unusual Flowers

Arabic Henna tends to be made up of large floral patterns such as the 'star' shaped one above. However, this particular design can not be distinguished merely by looking at the photograph because it also includes fine lines which are most popular within Indian Mehndi pieces that I will give examples of as we run through the pictures.

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Floral Designs

In this Henna tattoo foot design we can see a variety of leaves such as ferns, abruptly pinnate and ovate shapes. This choice by the artist provides more room for intricacy and is most probably Indian Mehndi in origin.

Another reason I chose to write this article is because I believe some people who may be considering having a henna tattoo may prefer to have something more intricate or shapely than the traditional Indian designs that can be seen widespread. Even if you are practicing producing henna tattoos on other people, this page can allow you to print off various designs to include in your catalogue.

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Henna Flower Image

Here we can see a particularly bold sunflower design, Henna does not come with extra colors naturally although many websites offer an extra product called body paint which can be added alongside the basic dark brown henna. Henna initially appears orange and raised above the skin, however after allowing it to dry for 1-2 hours you can begin peeling if you wish but if you desire a darker brown it is advised that you leave it 3 hours.

Photo courtesy of

Here we have another example of a sunflower design, this time it is slightly simpler and appears to contain a yellow pigment, note there also appears to be an Arabic symbol within the center of both the above sunflowers reinforcing the statement I made about Arabic designs being more shapely than Indian Mehndi ones.

Photo courtesy of

Temporary Henna

Here and below I have included examples of floral hand designs both Indian and Arabic, the first being much easier to produce yourself while the latter would be better if undertaken by somebody with artistic talent. Many cultures apply henna tattoos merely for aesthetic appeal but others believe each symbol has different meanings, for example some represent good health, fertility, protection from evil spirits, wisdom and help achieve enlightenment. 

Photo courtesy of

We can see in the above photograph that this person is most probably Arabic from the clothing he is gown he is wearing, light colored cloth & his light skin being most common within Middle Eastern countries.

Photo courtesy of

Black Henna Flowers

The truth is that natural Black henna does not exist and products which are labeled as such are in fact mixed with a chemical called Phenylenediamine, this defeats the enriching qualities of the henna plant because it can cause allergic reactions so be sure to avoid this.  Henna tattoos will appear most dark if allowed to dry for longer as I mentioned earlier in the article, they will fade slightly over time anyhow and can last between 1- 4 weeks depending on how much you sweat or wash the area which it was applied too.

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Henna Tattoo Kit & Flower Print

You can buy Henna tattoo kits online and even if you are not very artistic you can get stencils included or produce your own prints. The more you practice and experiment the better they will appear, the above design has been accentuated by maybe spreading a thinner layer to the inside of the flower petals and giving it a orange tone.

Henna tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but I have included the most popular areas the hands and feet, this way people are more likely to associate it with henna if you decide to use these. The above picture looks as though it has been placed on the shoulder, other photos I have seen include back, legs and even pregnant women stomach areas provide a good canvas.

With the hands, a good starting place if you don't want to make a mess of your fingers is the tops of the palms or where your knuckles begin on the top sides. This leaves you with a big space to include lotus flowers, floral trails, floral webs, leaf chains and thin lacy lines.

Photo courtesy of

The feet are a little more complex, usually the sides or just above the toes are decorated with blocks of color like the above photo, but example Pakistani designs would include paisley, lines and teardrops. The North American peoples are also known for tattoos and would emphasize the foot's shape using symmetrical flower patterns.

Photo courtesy of

Henna Body Art

To conclude the article I would like to make a few pointers in regard to producing henna body art for yourself. Remember that the less you spend on the actual paste, the less likely you will get a satisfactory result because it is likened to an artist paint. An artist will not use any old paint tubes, he will choose a specific brand because if he is serious about his work he will want the correct pigment balance to guarantee that it does not run.

Secondly I advise that you apply Vaseline or baby oil to protect the area of the tattoo within the first 24 hours so allowing it to reach its darkest and lastly if you going to choose color make sure it only uses natural additives such as indigo, cloves, lemon,sugar and oil which strengthen the shades.

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