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Herbal Essences Shampoo

Updated on March 6, 2010
Taken from Amazon
Taken from Amazon

Is it really that good?

Many of us will still remember the famous Herbal Essences advert on TV where the women seem to have orgasms whilst using the shampoo. But is it really that good?

I have straight hair that gets greasy very easily and i have not found another shampoo that will wash away all of the grease and leave it smelling good like Herbal Essences Clarifying for Normal to Greasy Hair made by Clairol. The packaging has since changed but the product is still the same. Though it is a shampoo, i use it on my body too to get rid of grease which water won't wash off. Normal soap just makes the skin too dry, but I find that this shampoo is fine to use on the body.

I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema and have never found it a problem to use this product.

If you suffer from dandruff or dry skin, i would not recommend you using this product as you will be stripping essential oil from you scalp and skin which will only intensify your condition.

Though you aren't supposed to, I sometimes use it on my dog too and he smells nice for a week before getting doggy smells again!

It is the best product there is for my type of hair and skin and I would be absolutely devastated if this product wasn't available anymore! I will swear by it time an time again!


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