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Hipster Boots

Updated on June 30, 2015

Hipster Boots Online Shopping Guide

Hipster culture and style has been making significant inroads to popular culture and fashion in the past year, whether the hipsters like it or not. If you want to get technical, there really is no such thing as "hipster boots".  What you really want to see is boots and other leather shoes that go well with skinny jeans.  Before you scroll down to see the amazing selection of hipster boots that I have put together, I have a pointer or two for you.  First, all boots are not created equal.  Paying $30 for a pair of boots will get you a $30 pair of boots.  Be willing to pay at least $90 to $150 for a quality pair of boots that will last you longer than one winter season.  Second, the boots listed below are all new.  If you are looking to truly get down hipster style, you will want to visit vintage, thrift, and military surplus shops to find the perfect pair of worn in boots.

Military Style Hipster Boots

There is something incredibly classic about the military style boot. The 1940-50 style combat boot provides an excellent balance of vintage, wear, and chunkiness to balance the clean and formfitting nature of the skinny jeans. In addition to the style factor, these boots are also very functional. The leather provides an excellent  barrier between the cold ground and your sensitive feet that want to remain warm at all times.

As far as styling your military style boots go, plan on letting your jeans stay on the inside of the boot.  Like high-tops, letting the tongue stick out over the jeans is essential.  If your boots are flexible enough or are made that way, consider folding the tongue and top part of the boot down slightly to bring new textures into play.  A lot of possibilities exist with the laces as well.  To maintain the vintage look, it is advised to leave the laces undone and wrap them around the upper part of the boot.

Clarks Boots

Regular Clarks, in addition to Clarks boots, are one of the quintessential hipster shoes. The soft suede texture couple with the comfortable soft look makes the Clarks irresistible. In addition, Clarks come in almost any color and share of black and brown imaginable, which means that you will find the pair that is perfect for you! Clarks are comfortable and durable. They are sure to be a pair of boots that you enjoy for years to come.

Clarks are timeless. While other elements of fashion may change, Clarks will continue to be a go-to brand for the fashion conscious.  Clarks can work with boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, and super-skinny jeans.  They look great with jeans flowing down over top of them, yet the boot is cut just high enough that letting your skinny jeans go down into the boot will still work.  Many street fashion examples pair the sleek yet sizeable Clark boot with a pair of skin-tight jeans.  Whatever your style, Clarks boots will likely be versatile enough to work with it.

If you have any questions on any other hipster-style boots or other boots that would go well with skinny jeans, please feel free to add them in the comment section below.  Also, let me know what other brands to include.  Please feel free to ask questions about these boots in the comment section as well.  I will reply with an answer as soon as I can!


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