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Historical Colonial Wigs and Hairpieces for Men

Updated on July 3, 2011
Selection of Men's historical wigs, ideal for Colonial theme costume
Selection of Men's historical wigs, ideal for Colonial theme costume

Great Wigs for Mens Historical Themes

There are many types of wigs available for historical fancy dress and theatre costumes. A popular theme is colonial wigs for men. Think American Revolution and Civil war era. This hub will show you a variety of wigs for every budget, as well as the different types available. These great wigs and hairpieces can also double as a superb pirate hairpiece. So whether you are into serious theatre or just want a wig to complete a fancy dress outfit then you should find something for you.

Colonial Man Deluxe Powdered White Wig

This is the classic look for a colonial historical wig. It is of long length and features a stylish ponytail and curls which would give an authentic look to your costume. It is ideal for an American Revolution outfit. As the manufacturer states, you could even dress up as one of the Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson.  As the name says this is a deluxe wig so while it does cost a fair amount, it is well worth the money it asks for due to the quality finish. A great wig for many themes and ideal for theatre productions.

Manufacturers Blurb: “Our deluxe white powdered colonial man wig features distinctive curls and ponytails. This wig works great as a Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, colonial or revolutionary wig.”

Mens Royal Historical Colonial Brown Powdered Wig

This wig is great to complete the look of a historical figure. Again it is of the colonial theme. It offers a different look thanks to the colour and a slight style variation. This raises an important point about colour. You may want to consider matching colour of the wig with what you are wearing. A brown wig may mismatch with costume colours, whereas a white wig may not. Like the product image shows, a blue costume would go well with this brown wig. Whilst a white wig matches a red costume better.


There is also a grey wig available in this style. This is unique as it could double for a halloween wig for a ghost pirate etc. It is more of a budget wig, but it still looks good and it well made.

Adult Prince Charming Renaissance Halloween Costume Wig

This is a different style of wig. In a theatre production it would be great for the lead. Its a great wig that gives nice variety to the classic long wig style typical of colonial and period wigs. The curls however keep to this theme well and the wig looks great with a historical styled costume. It is available in a variety of colours and is fairly cheap too!

Adult Colonial Man Tricorn Hat with Wig

If you are on a budget, then this makes a great choice. It is cheaper than other deluxe wigs, while also comes with a hat. Despite its price it is pretty decent too. Whilst the hat is not as good as some expensive tricorn hats on the market it still offers a quality look. Ideal for a historical theme costume at any fancy dress party. It is all about using these accessories to complete your costume, and this great wig hat combination is no exception.


Get yourself a good wig cap. A simple concept they help hold your wig, preventing movement and increasing comfort. They are cheap and many long hair wigs require them to be comfortable.


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