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History and meaning of your birthstone

Updated on March 29, 2010


Everyone knows what their color is and most everyone possesses something with their stone in it. What am I am referring to? The widely popular trend birthstones, any of various gems associated with the particular calendar months of the year and considered lucky to people born in those months. Anyone can take a standard necklace and with one small gem personalize it into something that represents them and when they were born. Mother's day and class rings are a wonderful example of this popular trend. Yes, everyone knows their color but does everyone know the history and meaning behind them?

History Of Birthstones:

When was the idea of birthstones born? Historians believe that is started with Aaron, who was the brother of Moses. In the book of Exodus, Aaron crafted a breast plate that was decorated with 12 beautifully colored stones. There are many different ways that this story has been told and the names of the stones differ in many off them. However, the fact remains that the 12 stones that were used in the breast plate were the same 12 stones that we recognize now as “birthstones”.

There are twelve stones, one for each month. There are many associations with the number twelve. There were twelve sons of Jacob, who were the ancestors of the twelve Tribes of Israel, Jesus had twelve Apostles, there were twelve foundation stones of the Holy City, twelve months of the year and twelve signs of the zodiac. Gem stones became coupled with each month of the year through the Zodiac signs. People believed that certain colored gem stones held special powers for people born in the months that the gems corresponded to. This is how they became associated with the zodiac signs.

In Poland, around the fifteenth century, people wore a different colored stone each month. People would have had the entire set of “Birthstones” and would have rotated wearing the stone that was represented for that month. They believed that wearing the stone that was represented with that month would allow you to benefit from the healing powers that the stones were thought to have.

It has been debated that because the zodiac signs were slightly different in ancient times it is possible that the gem stone that you believe represents you may not actually represent you. Should we go by the months as we do now or by the zodiac sign as it was first done?

Either way there is no debate on the idea of gem stones holding healing powers or being associated with certain times of the year. There are many cultures that hold gem stones very highly.Some even have gems for the days of the week, hours of the day or each season. Many cultures wear these stones in hopes that these treasures of the earth will somehow enhance their lives or guide them spiritually, in one way or another.

Meaning Of Your Birthstone?

Many may already know the healing attributes of each birthstone, especially their own. However if you don't already know you may be interested in finding out exactly what the stone that is adorning your hand is supposed to be doing for you. Also the history and stories behind many of the stones are truly interesting, so if you have a few minutes why not click on the link below and check out all the cool facts about your birthstone!



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      Katelyn 5 years ago

      Okay I was born in March and I don't know if that is my true birthstone cause I was born early my due date was suppossed to be may something so would emerald Or aquamarine be true birthstone or or both mixed????????????????