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Holi Special 2017: Effective Tips to Protect Your Skin

Updated on April 18, 2017

There is no better day than Holi to do a lot of fun and let your friends do the same. The festival of colors not only gives you lots of enjoyable memories but also adds colors to your life. While this is just the one side, the other side of the festival is really horrifying as it brings damage to your skin as well as hair - which is really a bummer, especially for girls and kids. What if you get some tips to play Holi without worrying about any skin as well as hair tension? Well, we’d recommend you to do some preparations before playing Holi with your friends and loved ones.

This Holi, apart from buying lovely colors, pichkaaris and water balloons, don’t forget to follow some important and useful tips that can protect your skin from the aftermath of Holi colors. Let’s get started:

1. Use natural or organic colors: Most of us play this festival with lots of zest and zeal, but the downside of this celebration is that your skin gets completely ripped off its softness and natural oils because of the chemicals contained in colors. So to get rid of this problem,the use of natural and organic colors can help.

2. Wear clothes that cover maximum of your body: To avoid skin infection, it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes that cover most parts of your body.

3. Wash colors with cold water: Reports suggest that hot water makes Holi colors fast and it is always difficult to get rid of them. So to avoid the hassle one must go with cold water or lukewarm water shower.

4. Use a mild shampoo or soap: Wiping colors with hard soaps or shampoos might react with the colors and lead to irritation. So, it’s better to make use of a mild soap of shampoo to get rid of all the colors after the Holi fever is down.

5. Get a pair of spectacles: If you wear lenses, then it’s better to buy spectacles for celebrating Holi. This is because Holi color can be trapped in between the layer of your eye and the lens and can cause corneal infection or some other eye disease.

Bonus Tip: If your eyes are trapped by a color then do not rub. Instead wash them with cold water immediately.

6. Oil your hair: Along with skin your hair also demands protection from the chemicals of Holi colors. So, oil your hair with coconut or olive oil and tie them tightly.

Bonus Tip: For girls, tie your hair into a bun in order to protect them from damage or to avoid being pulled by someone while trying to put colors on you.

For guys, we would suggest not to go for shave for at least 2-3 days prior to Holi. As this would safeguard your skin pores from chemicals and color granules.

7. Apply nail paint: To avoid the colors from stagnating on your nails, make use of dark-colored nail paint before playing Holi. Once you are done with all the celebrations, remove the nail paint that you had applied earlier with a nail paint remover.

8. Best of all – Apply Holi Kavach: It is 100 herbal body cream that protects you from the after-effects of Holi colors. The solution is rich, lightweight, and completely suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, it smells pretty good and contains herbal blends like Olive oil, Coconut oil, Manjistha extracts, Aleo Vera extracts Almond oil, etc.

On top of that, it is dermatologically tested. We would recommend you to apply the skin-protection solution before playing Holi.

Here’s to hope these tips help protect your skin this Holi. Have a happy, safe, and wonderful Holi 2017.


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