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Hollister Clothing & Jeans

Updated on December 27, 2013


If you are in middle school or high school then the name Hollister must sound very familiar.

You probably see Hollister California written on most shirts, I'm not 100% on the connection of Hollister and California, but I think it is based on a town called Hollister in California.

Basically they town Hollister is a all dude surf town so that might be why the brand is so tropical.

Hollister is one of the most famous fashion brands for teens as well as adults in America.

Hollister has clothes, as well as fragrances I don't believe they make surfboards.

Hollister is a clothing company and even though their shirts and jackets sometimes say, "sharp surf" or something like that I don't think they make surfboards at all.

If you have ever been to a Hollister store you will know how the atmosphere is.

Hollister stores usually have a special tropical appearance, and music inside as well as very good aroma.

Of course Hollister is a very famous brand so the clothes they have are expensive, but don't worry about 75% of the time they have sales so you rarely have to pay the sticker price.


One of Hollisters best product is the hoodies they sell.

Most people only buy the hoodies or jackets from Hollister, but they aren't always cheap, and in fact can be quite pricey to the average shopper.

Hollister hoodies are anywhere from 40-60 US dollars so they aren't your average jackets. Usually they are expensive because Hollister is a famous brand and the jackets have their logo on them.

Hoodies however are usually the main things Hollister has on sale, probably since most people buy them and sticker price is overly high.

Hoodie sales are usually about a 40% discount which is not bad. Of course just like any other brand Hollister has jackets for males and females.


Hollister's jeans are very nice, in fact the only thing is that most of their jeans are for women and are called, "betty jeans." Jeans come in many different styles such as boyfriend, ankle, jeggings etc. Their jeans are pretty neat and usually have their logo on them since that's why most people get Hollister products. I am not quite sure if they have jeans for boys, in fact a good place to check would be their store or website. JEans usually range from 28-40 US dollars, but like I said there are always sales.

Solid Shirts & Graphic Tees

Most of the people who go to school have heard about Hollister and probably have seen other people wear Hollister clothes. If you go to a school were only colored and solid color shirts are allowed then you can always buy a solid tee from Hollister. Solid tees come in many colors and only feature a Hollister bird on them. These shirts are usually about $28.99 sticker price so I would wait until they are on sale or you really want one. Graphic tees aren't cheap either most are just your normal shirts with Hollister logo or a Hoc on them. Normal t-shirts are a little cheaper than solid or stripped shirts (mainly collered shirts with color deisgnes on them).

Hollister T-Shirt

A typical Hollister tee would look like this and have the Hollister logo on it.
A typical Hollister tee would look like this and have the Hollister logo on it.

Is Hollister Worth it?

Well, there has always been a controversy about whether Hollister is a rip of brand or it is actually worth it. Of course when it comes to this argument everything depends on your personal opinion. If you want to buy good fashion and name brand clothes and you are willing to spend some money on them then Hollister is for you. Still, there are some people who don't want to spend to much money and think it's just the same only a logo then you wouldn't want to shop at Hollister. There is no right or wrong answer to this only ones personal interest.


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    • torrilynn profile image


      5 years ago

      I absolutely love Hollister. I love there hoodies and I buy them occassionally. I use to love Abercrombie and Fitch but sadly they have closed where I stay. thanks for this hub. Voted up.


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