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Holly Madison's 1950's Pin Up Style Swimsuit

Updated on July 19, 2010

Holly Madison is good at making things look good. It's what she does. It's her special god given talent. You could give Holly Madison a hobo and a roll of duct tape and she'd have Hugh Hefner's next issue looking Derelicte fabulous.

At some point in recent history (I can't say precisely when, but certainly in the last couple hundred years,) Holly Madison wore a swimsuit that other women thought was absolutely darling. It turned out that you can buy a swimsuit that pretty much looks exactly like the one Holly was wearing from an online vintage store, where the swimsuit you can purchase was named for ESTHER WILLIAMS, America's Sweetheart, she whose name shalt always be capitalized. A vintage styled 1950's swimsuit, the swimsuit features  a one piece sheath of fabric with a halter neck and gathered sides. (Gathered sides are a great way to distract the eye from unsightly bulges that may appear if one is not a model desperately clinging to her teenage years by titanium-filed finger nails.)

The 1950's is so in right now. Genuine vintage clothing is flying off the racks as fast as it can be fabricated by small children in China. Why is it so popular? Well, who knows, perhaps the world is secretly yearning for those halcyon post war days, when the world breathed a sigh of relief, stopped shooting one another for five minutes and made some pretty clothing for everyone to enjoy.

Perhaps it is a fashion back-lash against the horrid specter of rabid feminism that has robbed the world of real men, real women and even real butter.

Or perhaps it is simply a recycling of older trends because modern bikinis actually can't get any skimpier without becoming detectable only under an electron microscope?

That's the thing about trends you see, they cycle and they go around and around because, due to the consistencies of the human body, there are only so many permutations of clothing possible. Unless one wants to consistently dress as if one is paying homage to the lovely Lady Gaga, one is rather confined to following trends that follow the basic outline of the human body.

So for now, we can all curl our hair, wear deep colored shades of lipstick, don sailor suits and flutter our eyelashes demurely. Enjoy it. In a few more years we'll be rocking buzz-cuts and dragging chain mail mini skirts around the mall.

It's the circle of fashion, and it rules us all. Through harem pants and anorexia. Through Mohawks and care bears. Through nylon and polyester. Till we find our place. On the path unwinding. In the circle. The circle of fashion.

(Hold your favorite piece of clothing aloft now.)


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