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Hollywood stars wear white shirts school go to a party

Updated on July 25, 2016

Because she always owns at least a white T-shirt, does not mean she knows how to clothe them. White T-shirts If you just follow the same area downtown and shorts in this hot summer, then you're probably wasting a "resource" big. Try to learn the stars of Hollywood and the world of fashion followers when present white shirts go to the party but still beautiful as couture.

Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner Rosie Huntington or have more than one occasion to present a white shirt and red carpet events. Even if the application life style, they also subtle enough to make them go play set toys also, that the party is still sparkling.

Kristen Stewart covers croptop white shirt and skirt Chanel in a party event

Rosie Huntington white shirt and jeans interface to events of a torn label
Kendall Jenner attend a dinner with friends and could not sexier style with a white shirt

And a white tanktop Ferragni Chiarra leg pleated skirt with bold to chảnh

A believer in the Paris Fashion Week platform with super impressive leather skirt be exalted by a simple white T-shirt

With street fashion style, though truism everyone knows that white T-shirt and jeans are nice enough, but a little accessories and variations in design items will make your style " nature "many times over.

Add an accessory item like fedora help set white shirt + jeans map more impressive black

Charisma is also very important to set this simple map

This is also a way that you can mix boast smart features sexy body

If jeans and sneakers not make you happy, try the fancy design and mix of white T-shirts with a variety of styles: trousers, skirts mix together two strings, choosing clothes with fancy designs. Remember to add a few accessories such as handbags, shoes, eyewear different designs and, if possible, to the style of makeup you become sharper.


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