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Holograms, Carousels and 9-Inch Heels: 6 Memorable Runway Moments

Updated on February 24, 2012

Every fashion season brings a new kind of drama. Six years before the Alexander McQueen McQ runway show was declared the highlight of the 2012 New York Fashion Week, Alexander McQueen pulled off another incredible show where Kate Moss appeared as a hologram. A hologram!

Her image was a moving, twisting, ethereal vision of cascading organza ruffles that only lasted for a few seconds, but it’s a vision no one will ever forget. Kate Moss reunited with the dress on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Kate Moss Hologram

Here’s a look back at some other unforgettable runway moments

Coco Rocha Irish Dancing

Coco Rocha was discovered at an Irish dancing competition when she was 15 years old, so it’s fitting that she opened Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scottish Highlands-inspired F/W 2007 show by step dancing down the runway. Vogue declared it the “Coco Moment” and counted her among “The World’s Next Top Models” on their May cover. Since then, she’s put her dancing skills to good use, kicking up her heels at charitable events and promoting Jig, a documentary about Irish dancing.

Naomi Campbell Falling

One of the most famous runway falls of all time happened at Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania A/W 1993 show, when Naomi Campbell lost control of her skyscraper heels. Sporting a tartan ensemble and slippery rubber tights, she fell from these super-elevated Ghillie platform shoes (9-inch heel with a 4-inch platform) in front of a seemingly uncaring crowd. The remarkable thing here isn’t that Naomi Campbell fell—even iconic supermodels tumble every now and then—it’s that she didn’t break her ankles. The shoes are now on display in the Victoria and Albert museum, and Naomi has confirmed she uses another pair as a doorstopper in her London flat.

The Lindsay Lohan and Emanuel Ungaro Collection

A deadly collision of celebrity and fashion, the 2009 Lindsay Lohan/Emanuel Ungarl pairing was an epic fail. One of the most horrifying collections to ever hit the runway, actually. Under the artistic direction of Lindsay Lohan, models sported heart-shaped pasties under suit jackets, fluorescent harem pants and too-tight minidresses. The collection screamed “Lohan” and the fashion house has yet to recover from it. Ungaro himself said the house which bears his name was “well on it way to losing its soul.”

Chanel Carousel

Karl Lagerfeld reinvented the runway with this Chanel Carousel. For the 2008 Paris Fashion Week, he designed a fantasy merry-go-round, complete with oversized shoes, bags and Chanel’s signature camellia flowers.

Pierre Cardin Desert Show

Pierre Cardin launched his Spring/Summer 2008 collection in the desert of Mingsha Mountain, in northwest China’s Gansu Province. Over 200 models appeared one by one from behind a dune, forming a 280-metre long fashion caravan. For the show’s finale, a model in a wedding gown emerged, reminiscent of traditional Chinese weddings.


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    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I'm surprised I missed some of these! Thanks for putting this Hub together, it was a lot of fun to watch all the videos.