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Home Teeth Whitening, Cheap and Effective Options

Updated on November 6, 2010

Teeth whitening has become not only more effective but more accessible in recent years. The range of treatments that can be done in your own home range from special pastes bought from your pharmacy or dentist to ones that you can make on your own at home. This article will look at some free teeth whitening options you have to improve your cosmetic dentistry along with some more conventional products available.

At Home Teeth Whitening (The Free Kind)

Home remedies are popular because of their convenience and there are some who prefer them over the store bought versions specifically because they know exactly what ingredients go into making them. Home teeth whitening pastes and mixes and are said to be healthier and safer specifically because they do not use any colorings or preservatives and can be adjusted for any allergies that the users may suffer from.

below are some of the more popular natural teeth whitening options, note that some of these may be dangerous and its recommended to seek professional advice before attempting any of the solutions listed below. More importantly there are some teeth problems that are irreversible such as gum shrinkage for example. If you are at all apprehensive about trying any of the whitening options outlined below then contact your dentist first. This is particulalry important if you have any major dental work that has been done recently.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Just about everyone has some bleach lying around at home. Most of the professional teeth whitening kits contain some form of bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide can work to whiten your teeth in a similar way. For this method swish the bleach around in your mouth for a minute or so before brushing with regular toothpaste.

Wood Ash

For this method you need to gather ashes from a wood fire and dip your wet toothbrush into the ashes. Afterwards brush with your ordinary toothpaste to get the grime and ash out of your mouth. The ash works because it contains potassium hydroxide though this is only the case if it comes from hardwood. This method isn’t recommended too often as the ash is quite coarse and can do significant damage over time.

Whiten your teeth with strawberries
Whiten your teeth with strawberries

Lemon Juice and Strawberries

Many people have use Lemon Juice and Strawberries to help whiten their teeth at home. For the lemon juice you can brush your teeth normally first then mix the lemon juice with some baking soda to form a paste then brush again with this. As for the strawberries you can mash them up into a paste then brush with your ordinary toothpaste afterward.

Baking Soda

Making a simple paste out of baking soda by mixing it with water is an effective home teeth whitening solution. You can use this paste several times a week followed by your regular brushing to achieve whiter teeth.

Why Should You Pay for Whitening?

Some of the above methods certainly work to whiten your teeth but may have harmful side effects. Using both lemon juice and strawberries can be harmful because these fruits contain acid that eat away at your tooths enamel. The fruits work because they take away some of the calcium that protect your teeth from decay but have a slight off white colour. If you choose these methods then brush and floss immediately afterwards brushing too hard could also damage your gums because of the strawberry seeds in your mouth.

Baking soda or Hydrogen Peroxide tend to be better options but no method should take the place of your regular brushing routine with a good fluoride toothpaste. This should be done after even the best teeh whitening procedure to prevent decay.

Whiten your teeth with Baking Soda
Whiten your teeth with Baking Soda

Whitening Products You Can Use At Home

If you want to take a more measured approach to whiten teeth then look to using something from the range of at home teeth whitening products. Your options here are plentiful and range from whitening strips and whitening swabs through to teeth whitening tray and blue lights that are suitable for home use.

There are a number of different teeth whitening solutions that you can try at home with items that can readily be found in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet or store bought solutions that are made specifically for whitening. Each of these has their pros and cons so make sure you do your research carefully about which method you choose and why. If in doubt then contact your dentist for more information about your options and some other Teeth Whitening Tips.


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