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Colloidal Silver as a home remedy for fading acne or other surface scars

Updated on October 5, 2010

Reducing Scars -- Personal Experiences

I have had personal experience with a home-use product that proved very effective in reducing some scars. This product is called Colloidal Silver Plus and I purchase it online from Solutions Immunity Enhancement.

NOTE: I do not sell this product and am not affiliated in any way with this company. I learned from personal experience, however, that not all colloidal silver products were the same! Solutions Immunity Enhancement has had numerous independent laboratory tests that demonstrated the high quality of their product. My experiences have convinced me to always keep some of this particular preparation on hand.

My first experience with this product, in relation to scars, was five or six years ago. I was caring for a rather large individual who had had both knees replaced. Following the surgeries and initial healing, the individual was moved to a hospital nearer home for rehabilitation. At this hospital insufficient precautionary measures were observed in handling the patient, resulting in a fall that split open the incisions over both knees. This seriously retarded the patient's healing but he/she was eventually allowed to return home, albeit with the necessity for daily medical attention and dressing of the wounds.

Following some 4-6 weeks of home care with negligible healing, along with the physician's obvious concern regarding it, the patient decided to try using the Colloidal Silver Plus. (The patient had seen before and after photos of a lady's diabetic ulcers of years' duration that had been healed with this product.) Each time the patient's wounds were dressed, both the wounds and the large gauze pads covering the wounds were sprayed with the Colloidal Silver Plus. Almost immediate improvement in the amount of wound infection (staph), healing of the wounds, and change in the scars was observed. Within a few days it was seen that the scars beneath the gauze pads were flattening and becoming whiter, as compared to the ugly red, raised scars above and beneath the area covered by the dressings sprayed with Colloidal Silver Plus. The difference become so prominent that if a relative or friend was visiting at the time the dressings were being changed, the patient would call the visitor's attention to the difference in the scars. The scars continued to flatten and lighten until the use of the Colloidal Silver was no longer needed. (Incidentally, before very long if either a member of the family or a family pet was scratched or cut the first thing they reached for was the Colloidal Silver Plus!)

My next major scar experience with this product was a personal one. I was moving and fell while carrying an old 50-lb. computer monitor into the house. The fleshy part of one finger was crushed between the monitor and a large pointed rock. I suffered a V-shaped cut (about 3/4 in. long on each part of the "V") and a smaller 1/2 inch straighter cut. I immediately cleaned the wound as best I could, liberally sprayed both my finger and the bandage with Colloidal Silver, and wrapped it well. Within 48 hours the smaller cut was closed and the larger one was nearly closed. I kept applying the Colloidal Silver to my finger and the bandage for two or three more weeks, then forgot about it. The result was that there is no evidence of the smaller cut and only a slight trace of a scar on the top area of the larger one. (It is only visible if I completely straighten out my finger and the light shines on it.) I'm sure the entire scar would have vanished if I had kept using the Colloidal Silver for a longer period of time.

I am not trying to advertise this company's products but I do use some of them, myself. If you wish more information about the Colloidal Silver Plus (or the newer product, Total Silver) you can read about it at 

Please Note: None of the preceding information is to be construed as diagnosing in any manner or prescribing for any condition. I would counsel you to consult your own health practitioner when making decisions about the use or non-use of this or any other home-use product.




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    • profile image

      Natural Home Remedies 8 years ago

      I have had personal experience with a home-use product that proved very effective in reducing some scars. This product is called Colloidal Silver Plus and I purchase it online from Solutions Immunity Enhancement.

    • TetonRose profile image

      TetonRose 9 years ago from Utah

      Thank you, JohnBee.

      One of my friends is currently using Colloidal Silver Plus on several surgical scars that were still looking pretty ugly some 2-3 months after his surgery. I have noticed a distinct difference in the healing and looks of the scars since he started using this. He confirmed to me, a few days ago, that the healing is now proceeding much faster and the scars are diminishing.

      For those scars where it is possible, I would always suggest putting a saturated dressing over the scar for at least part of each 24 hours, i.e., at night, as this seems to speed up the process. Even a BandAid saturated with the CS+ seems to really help.

    • profile image

      JohnBee 9 years ago

      Great advice, thanks!