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HomeRemedies For SkinCare

Updated on August 14, 2016


Hi all the beautiful ladies...I am 27 now and have got a really problematic skin.

Skin Type: Very Sensitive,Acne Prone,Open Pores,Oily

Till last year i have suffered so much from acne/Pimple then once they happily left me ...then their scars.I have been to skin specialist,i have used all acne treatment creams like clearasil,Retinol etc.But it was all some temporary relief.And these product really did not help me much with the acne scars or open pores .Hence i visited one ayurveda clinic and there they prescribed me some home remedies which really worked for me .So here I am to share those simple yet very effective remedies with you guys.

Oats an Water Thick Paste
Oats an Water Thick Paste


Yes its oats which worked like magic for me.It calmed down all the redness,it reduced the pores,it gave a glow on my face.


1. just take some original flavor oats [I repeat original flavor/ without any flavor]

2.Water to make a thick paste

Put both in a mixie or a grinder and make a thick paste and apply it on your face.Once its dry just wash it off.You can use it sveral times a day.I grind it and keep it in refrigerator and use it whenever i feel like cleaning my skin.Its an awesome formula.It gives you a glowy and fairer skin tone too.

Lemon Dipped in Sugar
Lemon Dipped in Sugar

Lemon & Sugar scrub

In order to remove the black/red scar and the deep whole kind of scars on our face this remedy is a magic.While Lemon will help to remove the black/Red scar,it removes the tan or any kind of spots on the face.The sugar is high with glycolic Acid so it will remove the deep scars or open pores.FYI Glycolic acid is the one which is used for skin peeling in skin clinic to get a smoother complexion.Dont Repaet it more than 3times in a week


1.Slice of Fresh juicy lemon

2.Sugar [for better result grind the sugar in to powder form]

Now dip the Lemon slice in the sugar and just rub over your face,you can again put some more sugar on the lemon and continue rubbing[Not harsh Rubbing] .One round is done wait for 15-20 mins for the sugar to melt then wash it off.

Lentil/Masoor Dal
Lentil/Masoor Dal
Soak Masor dal in milk for min 1 hour
Soak Masor dal in milk for min 1 hour
Make thick Paste
Make thick Paste

Lentil /Masoor Dal scrub

Masoor Dal /Lentil offers skin brightening face pack to cure pimples and dark spots on your face. Its an ageold formula used by indians to keep the skin healthy.You can go to any Indian Grocery store and get this at very cheap cost. It leaves your skin glowy and smoother.


1.Lentil /Masoor Dal Raw

2.Small amount of Milk to soak the Dal

Soak the Lentil /Masoor Dal in milk for minimum 1 hour then make thick paste by grinding it.Apply it on your face,wait till it get dry or 20 mins and wash it off.Do it 2 times ina week to get a toned glowy complexion.Please refer the pictures for step to step guidance

Please put a comment about how you liked it or what queries you have got. Thank uuuu.


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