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Homemade Jewelry Styles

Updated on June 27, 2012

Homemade Jewelry Styles

Have you been given a beautiful piece of homemade jewelry recently? While you are likely delighted with your gift, did you know that most homemade jewelry styles have a special meaning to them? Today we will look at a collection of popular homemade jewelry and see what significance can be found in yours.

Homemade Bracelets

A homemade bracelet is symbolic of friendship and unity. However if you explore your homemade bracelet closer, you may also see further qualities represented in your relationship with the gift giver. Pay attention to letters, words or symbols on your bracelet. You may see icons like hearts (represent love), animals such as elephants (memories) or paws (best friend). A set of numbers may represent an important date. Also popular on homemade bracelets is foreign or non-English letters or words, such as Chinese or Japanese lettering. Often these characters hold special meanings and secret messages, translate these to explore their meanings further.

Homemade Earrings

Have you been given a pair of stunning homemade earrings? You can read lots from the meanings behind this elegant gift. Homemade jewelry earrings often come in a range of styles and designs. This is interesting and important as each design can reflect your personality or taste. Large decorative earrings for example can reflect a bold, expressive character. While a single gemstone pair can reflect understated yet striking beauty. Whether you go simple or go bold, your gift is sure to represent you.

Homemade Rings

Homemade rings often have meanings of promise, status and identity. For example, a homemade ring given to your from your best friend may represent a value such friendship and loyalty. If your boyfriend or girlfriend gives you a homemade ring, this can represent a love, kindness and a promise. Similar to an engagement ring or wedding band, homemade rings also remind strangers of the relationships close to you.

Homemade Necklaces

Close to your heart, each homemade necklace can offer a different meaning depending on the decoration used. Here is a selection of popular designs and their meanings, sometimes they may be combined for multiple purposes:

· Birthstone – Reminder of Birthday - 12 stones exist

· Feather - Symbolic for Hope, Balance and Good Luck

· Celtic Knot - Symbolic for Love and Eternity

· Clover – Four Leaves Representing Hope, Faith, Luck and Love

· Elephant - Symbolic for Good Luck, Wisdom and Serenity

I hope this guide has helped to explain the meaning behind your beautiful homemade jewelry and help you to understand these values the next time you are gifted some more.

Silver Indie Style Earrings
Silver Indie Style Earrings | Source


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