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Homemade Rosewater Recipe

Updated on March 6, 2012
Infuse the scent of roses into fabrics and the air in your home with homemade rosewater.
Infuse the scent of roses into fabrics and the air in your home with homemade rosewater. | Source

Homemade rosewater keeps the scent and taste of roses alive throughout the year. The wonderful aroma of fresh roses will be as powerful and pleasant in the dead of winter as it was in middle of summer. Rosewater has many uses including candy or food flavoring, lotion, perfume, potpourri or ironing water. Sheets smell amazingly fresh and are drenched with sweet smell of roses by spritzing the linens with the rosewater and ironing the scent into the fibers.

When making your own rosewater only use rose petals that have never been sprayed or exposed to pesticides and insecticides. If pesticides and insecticides have been used on the rose bush, steer clear of the roses because the flowers will have absorbed the dangerous chemical which can be harmful to the user of the rosewater. Choose highly fragrant rose petals for your rosewater. Remember the stronger the rose’s fragrance -- the stronger the fragrance or flavor of the rosewater will be.

Gathering Rose Petals for Homemade Rosewater

Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from the harp rose bush thorns.

Pick roses in the morning while the dew is still present.

Cut roses off the rose bush with sharp cutters.

You will need approximately 8 cups of rose petals, only petals not stems, leaves or thorns.

Readying the Roses for Rosewater

Place a large colander on an outdoor table.

Pick the rose petals one by one and place them into the colander, keep an eye out for insects as you are picking the petals.

Bring the rose petal filled colander inside and place the colander in the sink.

Rinse the rose petals quickly with the use of your sink sprayer – just a quick rinse, don’t let the petals bathe in the cold water.

Making Rosewater

Lay a large square of cheesecloth on a flat and level work surface. Place a second square of cheesecloth over the first square.

Empty the rose petals from the colander onto the cheesecloth.

Pick up the corners of the cheesecloth squares and give the cheesecloth a quick spin and immediately secure the top closed with a rubber band or tie it closed with a ribbon or string. You will now have a cheesecloth sack of rose petals.

Place the rose petal filled sack into a large glass or porcelain bowl.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil on the stove.

Pour boiling water slowly over the rose filled sack until the sack is barely covered with water.

Lay plastic tightly over the top of the bowl. If the bowl is very large and plastic wrap won’t fit, lay a plastic garbage bag over the top of the bowl and secure the plastic in place with a rubber band or string.

Let the rose filled sack remain in the water overnight to steep.

Carefully transfer the water from the bowl into a lidded glass jar.

Hold the cheesecloth sack over the bowl and twist the sack to wring out more water from the rose petals and cheesecloth. Pour that water into the jar. Continue to wring the sack or press on it to remove as much rosewater as possible.

Storing Rosewater

Put the lid tightly on the glass jar and keep the rosewater in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks.

You can also fill plastic containers three-fourths of the way, place a lid on the container and store the rosewater in the freezer for no longer than six months.

Rosewater Uses

Pour rosewater into a spray bottle and lightly spray furniture to freshen up the room.

Spritz your linens and other ironing to give the fabric a beautiful rose scent.

Add to candy or food for an exotic rose flavor.

Make your own body lotion by adding rosewater to unscented lotion.

Leave a small bowl of rosewater on a table to emit the rose fragrance.


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