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How to look charming with younger and toned up face- best anti-aging home remedies

Updated on November 3, 2017

Sagging skin combined with wrinkles are definitely the signs of aging. As we enter the final stage of our life cycle, we tend to face wrinkled skin coupled with dreary look on our face. Sagging skin comes first when it comes to aging but we can get wrinkles even at a younger age due to frequent use of particular muscle or one’s smiling style or on our forehead due to stress and other lifestyle issues. Here in this article, I will focus on toning up of sagging skin and the tips to keep our skin younger. All these can be done at the comfort of your home. Nature has everything, that we can think of and it has also given us remedies to make us look younger with the help of fruits and vegetables only. One can opt for cosmetic surgeries which cost a fortune and takes weeks of recovery time. These artificial options can sometimes give you undesirable changes in your body. Friends, if we take a deeper look in the ingredients of all the cosmetic products, we will find that most of those cosmetics are just another form of the benefits of our raw fruits and vegetables. So, its good, if we can harness all those goodies in the comfort of our home and that too at a low cost.

What causes wrinkles and sagging skin?

When we grow old, our skin produces less oil in our older years and this makes our skin drier and lifeless. The less production of elastin and collegen in the dermis causes wrinkles. Dermis is the second layer of our skin. Elastin and collegen are essential proteins which supports our skin. As I said, wrinkles can emerge at a younger age also. This is not the case with sagging skin. Sagging skin definitely indicates our old age. Some of the prominent reasons behind sagging skin are mentioned below:

(a) Aging- Aging brings sagging skin and nothing can be done to stop aging. It is a natural process and everyone has to experience this. As we age, the production of collagen and elastin is lesser compared to the younger age. These two proteins are actually responsible to make our skin firm and tight. Less production causes loose skin combined with wrinkles. Aging also weakens the muscles to support our skin.

(b) Gravity- Gravitational force pulls our body and our skin down to make it worse. Nothing can be done against this natural force. It begins from the time of our birth till our death. Its effect is omnipresent and shows only when we get older, the signs of wrinkles and sagging skin shows off due to gravitational force.

(c) Smoking- Smoking is also one of the reasons of early wrinkles and sagging skin. Smoking damages the cell and affects the production of collegen and elastin which are essential to hold our skin back to its roots.

natural remedies are the best for skin care
natural remedies are the best for skin care

Home remedies to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles

The problem of sagging skin can be effectively dealt with natural home remedies. Natural remedies gradually makes the desirable changes in the body and cast a long lasting effect,if practiced with patience and determination. In this section, you are going to know some of the best natural homemade remedies against sagging skin.

(a) Almond oil- Almond oil is a great alternative to surgical options to tighten the skin. Almond oil consists of vitamin E, which is essential for toned up skin giving a younger look. Moisturize your face with almond oil to tone the sagging skin and lighten the wrinkle’s marks. You can also use it to get rid of wrinkles.

(b) Caster oil- Mix a teaspoon of lavender oil and lemon juice in two teaspoon of caster oil. Keep this mixture in a cleaned bottle. Now, massage your face and hands with this oil to get a younger look. Apply daily before going to bed for a month and see the results.

(c) Make a paste of green clay- Take two teaspoon of green clay and one teaspoon of milk. Make a paste of it by adding adequate quantity of water. Apply this paste on your face, neck and hands to tighten your skin and look younger.

(d) Aloe vera- Aloe vera can be used in any skin treatment. It can be used in anti aging process and to get rid of wrinkles. Apply aloe vera gel taken directly from its leaves. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash with water. You can add a teaspoonful of honey also to get better results. Regular use can give desired results in a month. It promotes the production of elastin and collegen to hold back our skin tightly.

(e) A super anti aging paste or face mask at home- Take two teaspoon of cinnamon powder and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of olive oil and add some salt. Make a paste and apply this on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes before scrubbing it and washing with cold water. It can do wonders if used thrice a week.

(f) Honey, olive oil and lemon juice- Take one teaspoon each of honey, olive oil and lemon juice. Mix it properly and apply it on the face, neck and hands to tighten your skin. This is one of the best remedies for sagging skin.

(g) Cabbage juice and Rose water- Take half a cup of cabbage juice and rose water, quarter cup of carrot juice and two tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Mix all these fabulous ingredients properly and then use it as a skin toner. Cabbage contains vital vitamins A, B, C and K which are essential nutrients for our skin. Apply this natural skin toner three times a week for a toned skin.

(h) Banana face mask- Take one ripe banana, mash it and then add some whipped cream. Now, get one vitamin E capsule, squeeze out the content of the capsule and mix all of them properly. Use this on your face, neck and hands twice a week to get a younger look. It gives a soothing effect to the skin.

(i) Peaches and Milk- Take some peaches and half a cup of milk with an egg white. Grind all of them properly to make a paste. Now, apply this on your face and hands for a toned up skin. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing with lukewarm water. It gives a new look to your skin with new energy.

(j) Papaya for tight skin- Get a normal size papaya and mix some honey and rice flour. Mash them properly to make a paste. The ingredients of this paste have essential nutrients to keep the skin tighter. Papaya has papaine enzyme which prevents the skin from sagging and drooping. Honey is a natural antioxidants and rice flour provides nice exfoliation to clear off dead skin cells thus, rejuvenate our skin.

(k) Cucumber juice- Cucumber is also one of the best remedies against sagging skin and wrinkles. It refreshes the skin and gives new energy to our skin. It is a natural hydrator, keeps our skin hydrated always for a tighter look. Just apply a few slices of cucumber on your face and neck can do wonders. You can also grind the slices to make a paste. Keep this paste on your face for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

(l) Tomato face mask- Tomatoes are also one of the best remedies to prevent sagging of skin and wrinkles. Take a couple of tomatoes and mash them, add a few drops of glycerin to make a paste and then apply it on your face, neck and hands to get a younger look. This one reduce the size of the pores to offer a fresh energetic look. It is also helpful in lightening dark circles and puffiness of eyes.

Some simple suggestions to keep our skin and health perfect

  • Exercise daily for at least 15 minutes. Exercising takes out the dead cells out of our skin through sweating and also keeps our body fitter. Include facial exercise helpful in preventing sagging skin.
  • Do not smoke, as it kills the cells of our face skin and makes it dull, lifeless and older.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 ltrs to keep the body and skin hydrated always.
  • Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet to get vital nutrition required for a healthy skin and body.
  • Use a herbal sunscreen lotion, whenever you go out in sun to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

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    • profile image

      Jenny 2 years ago

      Great tips. I use the Honey and lemon juice one myself regularly and it works great.

      Natural remedies definitely work. People are always shocked when they ask me my age, they always think I'm 10-12 years younger and I usually have to convince them of my age. All I use is a few simple natural remedies and diet I learned from