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Mixed Media Homespun Fashion

Updated on September 2, 2010
Oh yeah, it's back.
Oh yeah, it's back.
Chanel Hell
Chanel Hell

In a season with more revived trends than talking animals in children's films, homespun garments are making a return. This is a sure sign that the word is going around all the outdated trends and that looks we buried in the back of our collective consciousness decades ago are going to come bursting forth in all their rangy, multicolored glory this fall, or spring, depending on where on the planet you happen to be traipsing about.

Homespun style garments are chunky woolen affairs that pretend your grandma made them, though of course, they were probably put together by a knitting machine in Shanghai. If you have the talent to wield a pair of knitting needles and you've been wondering what to do about the goats in the living room who insist on chewing the cables when you're not watching, then the homespun trend could solve several problems for you.

Stay away from dark, drab colors though. This fall is all about classically cheerful homespun, so streaks of orange, or red or perhaps even green are all acceptable, though usually not together, unless your fashion inspiration comes from a traffic light.

Crochet will also work this fall, and probably carry you into Winter with its resilient styling. Think about a knitted or crochet wrap for keeping your neck and shoulders warm whilst you stalk about the place looking wildly fashionable, darling.

Mixed media looks are also big this fall, so feel free to knit yourself a bag and then glue the cat to it, like Chanel did here. Seriously though, this look may very well be taking the trend a step too far. Asymmetry is fine, but mixed media should probably be reserved for canvas and people trying to find out who they are by gluing bits and pieces together. Actually carrying around a Chanel bag like this is a surefire way to be regarded with wide eyed horror by innocents and children everywhere.

But to be serious for a moment, fall is about the weather growing colder, so every year the same knitted garments are trotted out by the same little models who look rather lost in their chunky woolen attire. Because the trend is homey mixed media this particular Fall, if you have to cut two woolly jerseys and half then sew them back together with mis-matched charm, then do it.

Wear the wool your way. Because you're worth it.


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