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Honey for beauty

Updated on December 16, 2014





Honey for perfect and flawless face

How to get a perfect face

To get a flawless face without a single spot is the top one on the ladies' desires. But I am sure nobody wish to spend ages to get a flawless face. In this hub, I am about to mention how to get a flawless face by using honey.

Two ways are as follows;

Well, just spend ten minutes to achieve a flawless face_ it's easier than having a shower. You need a lime and a little amount of honey.

Slice a lime and put some drops of honey on it. Then gently rub the whole face with that sliced lime. You need to rub thoroughly on the flaws and spots. But don't rub too hard on your pimples. Wait at least five minutes. After waiting a specific amount of time, rinse your face with mineral water or warm water. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They also contain alpha hydroxyl acids that exfoliate. Lemon helps to fade away the black spots and honey is good for attaining moisture. You can see a wonderful result just after one time. We all know that it's embarrassing to have pimples and zits. Use honey as a beauty agent and you'll be dancing around in no time. Honey benefits to rescue those suffering from chronic acne. Acnes are because of the formation of oil and dirt on skin. Honey absorbs impurities on the skin and heals your skin so, it also helps in get rid of pimples.

The second way is a lot easier than the first one. But it does take a little more time. What are the ingredients for this tip? Well, just one ingredient actually. Honey!

Put a specific amount of honey in your palm and apply it on your face like the way you apply make-up. You need to wait 30 minutes after applying honey. Honey is also good for swallowing the sweat glands. Then you can cleanse your face but don't use hot water because it will make the glands even bigger. Use your facial foam to remove all the sticky honey. One thing that I missed to describe, before cleaning, massage your face a few minutes by using only two fingers so that skin cells can absorb more honey.

Honey for Hair

To get a thick, silk-like and shine hair, you need a beauty agent called "Honey". This method would take some time but it deserve for perfect hair. First, put together 2 ½ spoons of olive oil and 1 ½ spoons of honey and then mix it and heat. After that, add a squeeze of lemon juice and shake well. Further, add whipped yogurt in that and mix well. Apply the mixture to hair. Rinse and shampoo after at least 25 minutes.

Honey heals sunburns

After the beach holiday, what we get the most would be the sunburns. To cure sunburns, applying raw honey on the sunburned area would be the easiest way. There's more effective way to try. Mix 1 spoon of raw honey with 2 spoons of pure aloe vera gel and apply to infected skin. This indeed is a very effective way as honey restores hydration to the skin layers and both of them contain powerful anti-inflammatories.

Honey and Lemon

Honey and lemon
Honey and lemon | Source

Honey to get slimmer

Rub the limes with some salt first. Rinse with water after five minutes and let the water on the limes dry up. After that, slice the limes and remove their seeds. In the dry clean bottle, put a spoon of honey for each slice. Let the slices of lime sink deep in honey. Close the bottle firmly and keep it in the refrigerator for 3 days. Before breakfast drink this liquid mixed with cool water. Before going to bed, drink the liquid with hot water. After 7 days of consuming, your tummy fat will be reduced.

Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener

Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener
Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener | Source


Honey | Source

Honey as a remedy

It can also relieve throat infection and coughing. Consume tea or lemon tea with two teaspoons of honey will sooth your sore throat.

3-4 teaspoons of honey and 1/3 teaspoon of cinnamon to warm water and drink it daily can help reduce the risks of heart attacks. And also honey mixed with cinnamon reduces blood cholesterol by up to 10%.

My former English teacher who is now 83 years old seems like under 70 (not overhyped) and she is still teaching English to high school kids. One day, I asked her what your secret to be youthful is. She once said: "Well, it may be because of my view on my life. I always keep aside my anxieties. There were times when I lost and felt down, there are and there will. Whenever I encounter with these things, all I do is that I keep in mind that life is short and why to be sad? This too will pass. I do physical exercises every morning. Early bed and early rise. Besides, I drink a lime juice with honey every morning, and then eat an apple. That's my usual breakfast. Honey is also good for indigestion. Can also be used in treating stomach ulcers and nausea and drinking tea with honey can relieve from digestive disorders. I use honey as natural sweetener, and it is an energy booster and much healthier option. So, it is also beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. And she continued, honey is also useful in weight loss if you consume a specific amount. Drinking warm water with lemon mixing some honey as natural sweetener on an empty stomach everyday is an excellent way to flush out the fat from the body."

These are such easy ways to use honey for beauty and health. Try these and I'm sure you will be satisfied by its incredible results.

Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener

Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener
Lemon Tea with Honey as natural sweetener | Source


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