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Hoodie Footie

Updated on February 10, 2011

Hoodie Footie Pajamas

I just saw a commercial on TV for one of the most fabulous, warm and amazing looking pajamas called Hoodie Footie pajamas. The Hoodie Footie pajamas are pajamas that sort of look like regular footed pajamas, but they are made from a seriously soft fleece (marshmallow soft fleece according to the commercial) and instead of just being a full body cover, they also cover your head with an actual fleece pajama hood. Hoodie Footie pajamas are probably going to end up being my next obsession, next to Pajama Jeans, since they not only look warm, but they are completely presentable to wear in front of your friends.

Each year my friends and I take a few trips. We usually take a couple of winter trips and also go to a beach house during the summer. Normally we just wear boxers and tshirts around the house, but on the winter trip it is usually freezing out and that is why I am loving the way that Hoodie Footie pajamas look. Not only do they look warm enough to be able to wear outside to the hot tub, but they are perfect for passing out in since the house ends up getting way to cold.  Hoodie Footie pajamas are absolutely perfect for our winter trips and probably for our summer trips as well since the nights around Memorial Day are still chilly. 

Hoodie Footie Pajamas as seen on tv are perfect for everyday wear as well.  The top part looks like a normal zipper up hoodie sweatshirt and the bottoms are like pajama bottoms or swear pants but with built in footed pajamas.  It's ike a footed pajamas but in two pieces instead of a one piece footed pajamas.  Hoodie Footie found a way to take the normal one piece footed pajamas and make them fashionable by adding in a couple of zippers, seams and splitting them into a two piece pajama set.  That is why I absolutely love them and think that you will to. 

I'm not sure where you can buy Hootie Footie pajamas but you can definitely find similar products on Amazon and other stores online.  If you own Hootie Footie Pajamas, please feel free to share with us how you either love or hate them by leaving a comment below. 


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