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Hope Answers Your Questions: Does Hope Sell Panties For Men?

Updated on October 12, 2009

Do I Sell These?

No, but does...
No, but does...

I get a lot of questions via email, and occasionally I get one or two which seem to call for a more general reply, on account of the fact that I can imagine many men having similar questions. This happens to be one of those times.

So, if you were wondering whether or not I sold panties, no, I do not. At this point in time, I do not sell panties for men or anyone else. I do occasionally provide links to places where men can buy panties and recommend stores and brands which I like, and which men who wear panties like. If you're curious about a particular pair of panties in an article, I usually reference the brand and the name of the panties (or other item of lingerie) in the article, and occasionally even provide a direct link to places where lingerie can be purchased. It's not that I revile the life of the lingerie salesperson, its just that I have too much work to do writing all these articles as it is, and there are plenty of independent and major lingerie brands doing a fine job of catering to the lingerie market, and yes, even the lingerie for men market.

If you're looking for some recommendations here, and you want panties specifically made for men why not try:

Panties For Men



If you want to buy women's lingerie, take a gander at this article, which lists several excellent online venues where you can purchase quality lingerie: Where To Buy Women's Lingerie Online.

I do not sell my own panties either, to answer the charming gentleman who sent me a candid one line email requesting a price for such. It is so flattering to be asked to sell one's panties, I really can't tell you how special that made me feel inside. It's so nice to be appreciated in that way. I think every woman waits for the day when a stranger on the Internet abruptly asks her to sell her panties to him. What a milestone.

Which brings me to this little bit of tut tutting which I feel inclined to engage in:

In general I must say, if you wish to enter into correspondence with me (or any other human being, for that matter,) try to be a little more verbose than one line or one word. I must confess that in my case, such communications are deleted without response. Why not go wild and use a greeting, perhaps some relevant pleasantries, even a joke or an anecdote or two to break the ice? You'll be amazed at how much more friendly and helpful people are when you approach them in a personable manner rather than one which suggests they'd be quite unhappy if they were to meet you in a dark alley on a stormy night.

Keep the questions and the emails coming! I love hearing from my readers, and promise to play nice as long as you do.


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    • profile image

      Victoria 8 years ago


      The same thing used to happen to me, but usually they would just quit writing after my second email. I had to learn to "dumb it down" on the initial emails to avoid scaring them off. I do tend to be verbose, and I guess this was intimidating to people who weren't.

      I agree about the louts. Once in a chat room I got a private message asking what size a part of my anatomy was. I was completely shocked for about 2 seconds and then burst out laughing as I responded "I don't know, it never occurred to me that I should measure it!"

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      My, I do agree with the thoughts at the end of this hub. I had a correspondence with a person recently - I would send two or three multi-sentence paragraphs. I would get back six words if I was lucky. I finally wrote that I wasn't going to spend time trying to hold up one end of a conversation with nothing in return. The response was something about not needing to write an essay for English class. Needless to say, that was the end of that e-mail exchange.

      Sadly, there are louts among us who would send a request to buy her panties to a charming woman such as yourself. May I offer apoligies from panty wearing men worldwide for his behavior.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Oh god, I hadn't even thought of that. Color me naieve.

    • profile image

      Najee 8 years ago

      Lol, I wonder how he feels now to be rejected of the chance to wear your panties. Once again, great article.