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Hot And Cool Hairstyles For Men, Then and Now

Updated on August 4, 2017

Mens Hair

Man's hairstyles through the years have changed in many ways.Have you noticed the variety of hairstyles for men today? If you like it, ware it. From the fifties look to now, it's in style.

Looking back on man's hair styles in the past, you will see how they have changed today, yet still so much the same.

Remember the flat top? It looked as though a lawn mower had ran across the top of the guys head, There was the crew cut where the hair was short all over, a Military style.

Then Elvis came along with that greasy, slicked back sexy look. The same style they wore in the movie Grease. The Beatles, along with their Rock N Roll music, also introduced to us the long hair, the long hair slinging as they performed, She loves me ya,ya..

There was the shaved head, the Mohawk and the spiked. The different wild colors, like purple, red and green, these hairstyles were mostly seen on Rock singers.

The afro and dreadlocks, mostly worn by African Americans. The clean cut, ,worn by most business men, lets don't forget the pony tail, it was worn by men in all walks of life.

As long as there are men, there will be Hot and cool hairstyles.


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