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Hot Fashion Trends for Teens

Updated on June 9, 2015

Trendy Fashion Tips

This season get yourself noticed with the latest trends and styles to suit you. Don't follow a specific trend but blend this season's fashion with your own unique style.

Colours for the season are pastels, black and white, neon and checkered anything.

Jewellery is chunky, gem and anything that makes a statement.

Stripes and denim backpacks are the must haves along with papparazzi sunglasses.

If you have a cellphone and an i.pad than accessorise them to match.

This season is fun, colourful and all about setting your own style.


Alice bands are in and anything goes it's up to you and your individual choice. Whether you like sparkle or studs it's entirely up to you but it is a must have accessory.

Sunglasses are neon edged or paparazzi style for the season. Girly and colourful is the way to go.

Trucker hats are also in this Spring and it can be worn with a dress and boots.

Rubber neon bracelets and chunky jewellery with neon anywhere is in.

Accessorize with bright coloured heart - shaped sunglasses, sparkle alice/ headbands and neon bracelets, earings and trucker hats with bedazzle!


Rock those denim cut - off shorts and add sparkle to an old pair and add beads, crystals and anything sparkly to make them look unique.

T.shirts with stripes - Black and white, navy and white or neon

Floral mini sun dresses - girly not slutty

Polka dot black and white dresses - with sleeves

Black tights knee high - only if you can carry them well

Oversized cardigans- for those cold nights over any outfit

Leggings with specs of leather or knitted ones and neon if you can find.

Jackets - with zips and crossovers - think Michael Jackson but silver or gold

You can do flowy and loose on top and skinny fitted for the bottom.

Black leggings and denim shorts go well with a plain t. shirt and a loose pull- over sweater with your angel boots in black.



The trend is angel winged shoes

Boots with studs

Heels in neon

High heels in two - tone bedazzle

Girly bedazzled strappy sandals


Plaits, alice bands and girly styles are in so choose your own unique style and wear it confidently.

Two - toned colours are fine and if you have had your hair coloured than don't bother to re -do it because Madonna (Desperately seeking Susan) is in!


Black and white



These are all the colours for you to wear this season.

Make- up

Gold / or silver lashes

Neon lipstick

Colour, colour, colour!

Have fun with colour whether it is neon or black and white just enjoy selecting your own style.

Should you choose to wear angel- winged shoes than wear it with short denim cut - offs or plain leggings with a bold neon top.

Leggings with print are in and floral mini dresses are great in any colour with boots or sandals which ever you find yourself comfortable in.

Where to Shop

Most of you can raid your sisters old wardrobe and cut her old pair of jeans, turning them into hot shorts. Buy a bedazzle machine and make your own studded anything! It costs half the price of the department stores and you can make it unique and one of a kind.

Old alice bands that are plain and boring and have been in your drawer for years can be re - invented into a new fashion trend with studs or sparkle that you can add yourselves.

If you don't feel up to the challenge of being your own designer than head on out to the stores and take a look at Adidas for the angel- winged shoes.

Leggings will be found in most stores and finding the right cardigan is important because you want it ot be oversized, not emphasized.

Be careful when using neon lipstick or make- up and try to avoid looking like a painted clown by doing either your lashes in gold and keeping the make - up simple with a lipstick to blend in.

It is about colourful and bright but do not get Kaleidoscope crazy!

Have a look at fashion catalogues and mix ideas with your own personal style.

© 2013 Natasha Pelati


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