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Men's High Heels

Updated on November 15, 2010

The allure of the high heel...

I've written a plethora of articles on the topic of men in lingerie, and both I and at least one of my readers, the mysterious billyb, feel that it is time for me to branch out and write about the wonderful world of men who wear women's footwear as well. I'm starting out with high heels because they are a personal favorite of mine, and also the shoes that immediately spring to mind when I think of a man in lingerie. They are sensual, sexy, gorgeous shoes, a symbol of sexuality and even of power, and it's easy to see why a man who enjoys the soft delights of lingerie might also enjoy slipping his feet into some strappy high heeled shoes.

For some men, wearing heels is simply a natural progression from wearing stockings and other forms of lingerie. There is something about the feel of a pair of high heels as they slip on to the feet, not to mention the feeling a man gets when he wears heels, when he walks in them, that many men say is quite intoxicating. Other men have little interest in lingerie, but simply enjoy wearing women's shoes, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

For a long time, high heels have been a symbol of feminine sexuality, and with the stunning sexy range of heels that are currently on the market, it's easy to understand how men want to get in on the act as well. Some men have reported being even a little jealous of their female counterparts who are able to quite blatantly wear high heels in every day situations, whereas they are compelled to keep their high heels for indoor use only.

Personally, I believe that a pair of heels goes very well indeed with a pair of stockings or other lingerie, and if it is any consolation to those of you who are home bound high heel wearers, at least wearing them indoors saves your treasured shoes from becoming scuffed and faded.

A Few Reasons Why I Think Men Look Great In High Heels:

Because of their tendency to have a lower body fat ratio, men often have legs that look absolutely stunning in high heels and stockings. I've commented on that several times in some of the hosiery articles I have written for men. Heels also add a couple of extra inches of height, which can help a short man out, or turn a tall man into something truly imposing. It may seem strange to describe a man dressed in lacey panties, stockings, and high heels in that fashion, but to my mind at least, there can be something about the feminine trappings of a man wearing lingerie and heels that actually accentuates his masculinity.

What do you think? Leave your comments, and feel free to leave suggestions or requests as well.


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    • profile image

      tay 8 years ago

      i never knew other men had the same feelings for heels like i do.I always thought i was weird because i liked wearing heels.i dont think i could go out in public with them on in my town but if i was somewhere else i would.the world would be a better place if society wouldn't judge people by what they wear

    • profile image

      tommiewf 8 years ago

      Straight and in my 70s; I prefer shoes with a 2-1/2 to 3 inch heel. I have a pair of kitten-heel pumps I adore, and several pairs of either stack-heel or wedgie pumps and slides.

      Shoes to fit my size 10 men's (size 12W women's) feet are not exactly thick on the ground, but there is nothing that is more comfortable than a nice pair of light-weight round-toe pumps with a three-inch heel. I don't want anything that is heavy or clunky, just nicely made and very comfortable footwear.

      And I do wear western boots with heels.


    • lainie_xo profile image

      lainie_xo 8 years ago

      I own and have attended parties in those killer Pleaser Stiletto strappy sandals in the graphic. Not as hard to walk in as they look, the platform helps!

    • profile image

      hotguy 8 years ago

      it's all about attitude. Enjoy yourself.

    • profile image

      Steve 8 years ago

      Last time I posted on this site was 2 years ago. I had a good exp. on halloween. I had to go the grocery store late one night. Not thinking I left the house wearing womens sandles and tan nylons as I was wearing them all day with my male jeans and shirt. I didn't want to go all the way home to change shoes. So I tried to hide the fact that I was wearing nylons and womens sandles behind a shopping cart. but it didn't work. A couple of older female cashiers were having a smoke break noticed as I walked into the store. I went and got what I needed to get and went to the check out. I noticed one of the cashiers looking over the counter at my nylon covered feet and red toe nails. The other cashier came over and looked at my feet and sandles and said OH you are wearing nylons and said she was jealous because my feet look better then hers. I told them I will do it more often.

    • profile image

      chris 8 years ago

      I am a straight man and I love to wear knee high boots but society is prejudiced.You ladies can get away with anything fashion wise

    • profile image

      William 8 years ago

      Just got back from shopping. Had to buy a freezer. Went into a local store wearing 4.5" ankle boots, not a stiletto, but a rather thin blade heel. At 6' 5", it was noticeable to the sales clerk that I had on heels. He glanced down as he came around the corner of the desk, sized me up, and said, "Wow! You're wearing high heels!" I said, "I sure am." He said, "I wouldn't mind having a pair like that!" We talked about heels for a while and then he showed me around the store. I wasn't expecting this from a 60 year old guy. Really surprised me. I'll be doing more shopping there from now on.

    • profile image

      nico 8 years ago


    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      Saddle shoes or two toned shoes were common for men in the roaring 20's. Keds seem to be unisex. So what is the point? All one could say that these aren't trendy maybe.

    • profile image

      stefie  8 years ago

      Love the comments and your article.

    • profile image

      Stefie  8 years ago

      What about men like me who love wearing women's saddle shoes and Keds.

    • profile image

      gary 8 years ago

      I drive high heeled boots of cowboy desigh all winter

      in my sports car the heels are 5 to 51/2 and are i

      handle the car better in them than flats

      drive the car 4.75 spike high heeled oxfords with

      sharp pointed toes

    • profile image

      luis j from Mexico 8 years ago

      i have read all of the comments posted here by men that live happy wearing heels because they have wives that accept them the way they are but here in mexico it is different,the girls are not as open minded as in the u.s or europe. i got lucky to get a girlfriend that accepts the fact that i like to wear heels but i wish one day i could go outside wearing a pair of heels.

      before randomly entering this webpage i thinked that i was a freak that nobody could understand but now i see that the like for womens shoes its pretty common amongst men =)

      thank you all for posting the comments... even the negative ones.

    • profile image

      John2 8 years ago

      If high heels were unisex during the flower power era, why wouldn't such be the case any more? Solely because it isn't fashion anymore?

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      After reading the above comments and also the hubpages with topics which might be as much an issue like men wearing skirts.

      While listening to the radio ads this afternoon I noted that we are expected to be al the same, we have to be in toch with each other at all times, we are supposed to act as our peers expect from us, we are not supposwed to stand out in the crowd.

      People forget that something like a tie is also a garment which was founded in order to stand out in the crowd. What China has done with the Mao costume, everybody is equal, some more than others ;-), isn't nowadays the jeans being a unisex garment a similar attire? We all have to have according to the ads a cellphone which indicates where our friends are; isn't such in conflict with one of the primary human rights being privacy? We are all expected to drive VW's under which ever label (Seat, Skoda, Bently, Bughatti, etc.)Volvo's becoming Chinese. Basically aren't those contributing to forums like this one the future social outcasts whioch will stop participating in the society as described by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged?

      I do realise this goes basically beyond the essence of this posting, but isn't it a logical thought, many becoming stereotypes, few remain personalities.

      Worst thing both groups will have to work together one way or the other due to the economic system as everything is entwained already in such an extend that an escape is out of the question.

      Norms presently are set by footbal and soccers players earning loads of money, artist who are more into getting the attention of the majority as to be seen is to exist. Looking at the bright side, the minority dictates often the rules for the majority, hence will the skirt and heel wearing men be the future as they still have the ability to think creative instead of complying with management models?

    • hunter1riley profile image

      Hunter Riley 8 years ago from Nashville

      I admire women in high heels like these but I would have a hard time actually wearing them myself. I wouldn't have a problem with other guys strapping on a pair of towering high heels but I think it's not for me. It is odd that society has deemed it..I don't know the best word here...unnatural, for men to wear high heels. I say why not?

    • joanncd profile image

      joanncd 8 years ago

      here I am, i stockings and hi heels, and all made up too. Every day I can.

    • itcoll profile image

      itcoll 8 years ago

      wow..i never knew such a thing existed at all.

    • profile image

      high heel boyboot 8 years ago

      I fully agree with you all on the history of heels being originally for MEN, I my self have a few pairs one is blade heel knee high boots from NINE WEST, the other platform boots from DEMONIA ( in black) which I call my "kiss boots" because they are the same kind that were worn by kiss, & I love them! this mentallity about men should not be seen in heels is way beyond stupid, people should really READ about the history of heels to better understand!

    • profile image

      McKenzie 8 years ago

      Good article and great comments. I have a pair of 4 inch black boots that I love to pair with a pair of Levi's Swank E jeans. Basically, I am very thin, not all that tall and clothes with a feminine cut look good on me and I just don't see why I should be limited in my clothing options to baggy khakis. I have received compliments from women for how well I walk in heels and have even been told they wished they could walk as well as me in them. It is all about attitude! Gals, please keep encouraging guys. It is fun to look good and be fashion forward!! One piece of encouragement from a women negates 100 jerky comments from mean people.

    • profile image

      designedimperfet 8 years ago

      Hey Hope,

      I have been a reader for a while and with your help I recently admitted the guilty pleasure that I really enjoy wearing women's underwear and women's shoes. She actually got me on to your stuff. Now both of us are wanting to get matching shoes for fun! We both really adore the shoes at the top of this page where can we find them?

      thank you for proving we are not alone!

    • profile image

      DWW 8 years ago

      I am a straight type of guy who wears heels, normally black ankle type boots 3-4 inch heels, and have worn these for thirty something years, no real problems jeans cut a bit short to show my heels but that is it, do not do anything else girly, but love wearing heels,(cannot tell you why), Just love the heels.

    • profile image

      R.Book 8 years ago

      Back in Europe a few hundred years ago, people of nobility & (in the upper classes) often wear shoes impractical for walking just to show the don't have to do manual labor. There were boots that were a few feet longer than the average human foot. And there were woman platform shoes that raise her up by a few feet off the ground and usually put on with help from servants.

      Shoes that raise the heel was originally for men but went out of fashion. Don't think it was fashionable for nobility to show their feet as being sexy.

      Men in high heels tend to be in the minority and not yet fashionable. In the 1980s while in China for a visit did see some men wearing wedges and sandals with heels in public. Back then I don't think people in communist countries had the same fashion sense as in other places. As long as a pair of shoes fit they are wearable in public.

      Don't have a problem seeing men in heels. You don't need to be wearing women's clothes to match your footwear preferences.

    • kfsteve391 profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Have been wearing strappy high heel sandals for four months. Now have 12 pairs. Heel height is 3 to 5.5 inches. I get mine from shoe stores rather than the internet. I like to see what I am getting and want a reasonably good fit. Walking around a women's shoe store in high heels is half the fun. All sales associates I have dealt with have been professional and helpful. I look and feel so sexy in my heels.

    • profile image

      Joel B 8 years ago

      It is so refreashing to see positive comments about men wearing heels. I have been wearing heels of all types for as long as i can remember but not in the vast public. I think some women feel imtimadated about men in heels. It may be because it has been consitered "there realm" and not to be encrouched.

      I had one of my girl friends even help me with my crossdressing as she was confertable with her self image and mine when dressed up. I have pitty for those so closed minded that they won't accecpt any thing out of the so called "box".

      I had neat experince at a PAYLESS store once. As I approched the counter with a pair of heels a gal came up behind me and cometed that she had a pair of the same shoes and was just sure I would love them as she did. Wow,, Ithought that was so cool, mem don'nt do things like that.

      Hip hip horray for heels !!

    • profile image

      William 8 years ago

      Interesting that so many men are commenting on their enjoyment of wearing heels. Personally, I love the look and feel of a really tall heel. It's powerful and sexy, and dominating as well. I wear mostly in the comfort of my own home, and nothing less than 6 inches, and nothing (yet) more than 8 inches. I've got some 4.5" boots that I wear out on occasion.

      To the girls who don't want their boyfriends in heels. Let me tell you, in heels, I'm 6' 8" tall. Some may think it's a funny look, but no one has ever messed with me! I'm still 200 pounds of muscle. To be sure, you would like what you'd see.

    • profile image

      Ray 8 years ago

      I love wearing high heels. I wish I had more friends who knew of my desire to wear them everywhere. I'm also a photographer and would love to be photographed while I'm out in NYC photographing others while wearing my high heels.

    • profile image

      NewfieGuyInHeels 8 years ago

      I'm a guy, 28, and I've been wearing high heel boots openly in public for about 4 years. Trust me, I live in a very hick town, but almost no one notices or cares. I have had a couple douple takes and less than a handful of laughs, but overall positive reactions, I just wear them with nich guy clothes, nothing frumpy. Bootcut or flare jeans and a nice T and blazer. Trust me, heeling for guys is awesome!

    • profile image

      Vin 8 years ago

      I'd been a closet high heel fan for years but never ventured outside in ladies shoes from emarassment or whatever. About a year ago i told my girlfriend about my fascination with heels ( she is 5'2" and wears heels constantly). I'm not into others womens apparel, just heels.

      She laughed and said it sounded harmless, th quote her "whatever floats your boat". We decided to go on a date ...both in heels. Went into NYC. I wore black patent leather pumps with tan shorts and a black tee. Only 3 1/2 inch heels since we'd be walking all day.

      It was a blast. We walked the city,, rode the subway, had lunch and cocktails. Even talked to a group of policemen. Not one single comment was made...except for a group of Columbia girls who said I had great legs.

      We are already planing out next high heel date. You heels guys out there...just do it. Honestly, most people don't notice and if they do, they don't care.

    • profile image

      Ken 8 years ago

      I really think that this is one of the most interesting, mature (save Madison) and open forum discussions I've ever seen. First, allow me to thank you all for that.

      Second, I didn't think that there were that many people interested in high heels as much as I am. I really enjoy the feeling of heels. My walk is straighter, and looks more confident... my legs feel more powerful... and there is a certain swagger that is created when wearing higher heels.

      I personally own a pair of black stillettos that I only wear in the house (for now since I'm a little shy about it)... and I love the way they make me feel. Unfortunately, since they're a size 14, they look a bit clunky. I would love to find a nice pair of heels in my size that look fashion forward. I can say that if it ever caught on in today's society, I would absolutely love wearing heels.

      Touching on something else... women's footwear in general is a lot more comfortable than men's to me. Except for a few pair of dress loafers, I'm more comfortable in my flats, fuzzy slippers, and mules than I am in regular men's dress shoes and athletic sneakers. I would love to be able to wear my 3 inch slides to work, but society wont allow that to happen just yet.

      I guess I need to break my own insecurities and go for it. Has anyone else been at this point? What did you do to break through this barrier?

    • profile image

      Kaleb 8 years ago

      Heels for men are great looking, poweful, commanding, sexy. Before anyone should make the obligatory "it looks so gay" comment, please recheck your facts. There's a huge difference between feminie shoes with heels and masculine shoes with heels. Personally, I'm not at all into the dainty strappy sandals, or peep toes shoes. But, stilettos or block heels with a thick solid platform, and a shoe or boot style of dark leather looks absolutedly fantastic on a man. Whenever I wear my heels, I get positive feedback from both men and women. An occasional snicker by insecure folks is common as society teachers people to think that they should ridicule what they've been told is out of the ordinary bounds is unfortunate. We need some strong secure men to make the statement that men are tired of wearing the same old drab shoes. It's time for a change!!!

    • Jeniferr profile image

      Jeniferr 9 years ago from United States

      It truly is a strange thought to envision a man in lace and heels but one that I'm sure could hit a button with some women. Funny how much social mores can change with the times.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 9 years ago

      Another historical comment, if you don't mind, Hope:

      Footwear has always had some level of gender conotation to it, from Asian footbinding, to the ultraMasculine cowboy boot.

      Still, there has always been a certain level of pragmatism behind any fashion trend. Heels for men came as a result of the rise of the stirrup. While most movies and nearly all common assumption presumes that the stirrup goes with the horse, the facts are rather dramatically different.

      Ancient Roman and then European cavalry were, for the most part, mounted infantry. This only changed with the arrival of Asian invaders, who deliberately fought from horseback, slashing one guy from horseback and easily moving to the next. What made them different? The stirrup.

      For thousands of years, men had been riding horses into battle, dismounting, and then fighting. With the arrival of the Asian invaders and their stirrups, everything changed. Men fought from horseback.

      As a response to this technological innovation (i.e. the stirrup), heavily armed and armored warriors added an element to their dressage: the stirrup-stop, i.e. the heel.

      Heels weren't originally intended as a fashion statement. They were a military necessity. A stirrup is only so good as the foot that stays in it. A heel served the necessary purpose of keeping the fighting foot IN the stirrup, allowing the said warrior to leverage the whole horse for warfighting purposes.

      Later, when the warrior dismounted, that heel gave him a pelvis-tilting swagger that causes swoons to this day.

      Hate to break it to you, ladies, but heels are OURS. Some of us are willing to reclaim that ancient, cranky, warlike birthright. And we REALLY dig those of you who can accept our terribily masculine calves in a nice pair of pumps.

      We're yummy and you know it. And we KNOW you know it. We've seen you looking at boys' butts elevated by a nice pair of cowboy stirrup-stops in classic western movies.

      Dang, we're cute!

      Mary Jane flats? Whole 'nother story. Hint: another case of women's fashion infantilizing a practical male trend.

    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 9 years ago

      <!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:""; margin:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} -->

      I really like your hub. Being a short man wearing high heel will be comfortable. I support that there is nothing wrong to wear a women shoes. Even women put on men' dresses. I agree with you that it is a natural progression!!!

    • profile image

      kenny 9 years ago

      i love to dress as a women in a real sexy leotard,sheer to waist pantyhose and cute 5 inch strapy heels and go out in public dressed like this.its such a thrill to be seen by girls and women,plus i look hot in it too.i crossdress in public a lot and i think more guys should go out too!

    • profile image

      verne 9 years ago

      i love womens sandals high heels and wear them in the house often.i wear flat to 1 inch black thongs or other strappy sandals in malls with pants in cold look at me surprised and also most women.but some women think it's hot and allow and have sandals available to try on.i don't think it's illegal because i walked in front of police with no problems.i feel sandals are sexy and i will wear them no matter what some way,especially in the house or a place that gives me no problems like pointing or bad talk. nine west,pay less i get away with it easy,sometimes macy's and buying them on ebay.never any questions from cashiers when during other womens clothing and nail color strictly in my home!

    • profile image

      luv 2BN heels 9 years ago

      I have been wearing women's shoes and heels for more than 25 years now, and I love it! There are so many fun and sexy choices when it comes to women's shoes, and I currently own 60+ pairs! Up until about 10 years ago I was very discreet in wearing heels out in public, but now I am much more comfortable in doing so with the right attire. I normally wear longer length jeans to cover most of the heel. It is a tremendous thrill to slip on a pair of sexy shoes and hear their rhythm on the floor as I walk. It is also a thrill to go shoe shopping. I have found a few shoe stores including Nine West to be very friendly and helpful in my shoe shopping excursions. One Nine West sales associate even commented on how pretty my toes looked (after a pedicure) while trying on some sandals!

    • profile image

      Legbarer 9 years ago

      My wife was the one who started me wearing heels. She bought me several pairs of size 13 strappy 4 inch heels and asked me to bear them out on a shopping trip in the middle of winter. My bare toes got cold, but the comments were all favorable

    • profile image

      mmmnylon 9 years ago

      I love my heels, however, since I have a larger foot to begin with, all that is available are stripper style heels. Not that I don't like the 4 and 5 inch heels, but it makes putting together a real outfit more challenging. I'm jealous of all the styles I can't get a foot it. :-(

    • profile image

      Richard 9 years ago


    • profile image

      Luccy 9 years ago

      I like wearing high heels, but up to now I still get difficulty to walk rather fast 'cause I am afraid to fall. Hope . . . can you give some tips to walk in high heel shoes?

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      Interesting topic and discussion. It is correct that high heels appeared around 1500 exclusively as a shoe for men. At the time, it was considered by society to be "normal". They fell out of style for about 100 years and when they returned, it mostly on women, for whatever reason. Society assigns a certain gender to things. A shoe in and of itself is neither masculine or feminine until society puts a label on it. For example, kilts have a long and proud history of being being extremely masculine. However, there is also a fear by women of "men in skirts", that it somehow makes them less masculine, even though the kilt was historically a sign of masculinity. The same thing is true with high heels and I'm a bit surprised no fashion designers have really pushed to make heels and flats for both men and women. Designers come up with some of the dumbest and most impractical things, but surprisingly aren't picking up on this. I tend to agree that women have a much better selection of footwear than men do. Asimple pair of flats or a simple pair of heels, I don't see it as a big deal. What I do find funny is that it is considered "normal and sexy" for women to wear "mens clothing" but the converse is considered weird. When talking about a commenter said above, when it comes to the often pushed topic of equality, here is an opportunity to give men some "equal rights" in the eye of society. Back in the mid to late 1980s I also remember reading in some health magazine that some body builder men wore high heels to build strength in their ankles and to develop their calf muscles. One of the reasons womens legs tend to look good in heels is because of how wearing them is a great exercise for developing the calf muscles.

    • profile image

      SuperQ 9 years ago

      I love women's shoes. I, like most others confine it to inside and on occasion while walking to my car and driving. I paint my toenails ( I think my feet are attractive) and love to wear tall, lacy, stiletto sandals. I'm not a homosexual (save for a few experiments in college) and I love women. I wish it were acceptable to go public with it, but then again, maybe that would take the thrill out of it. I literally own 139 pairs of women's sandals, pumps, platforms, wedges and flip flops. My wife thinks it is funny, but completely supports my strange little hobby.

    • profile image

      shrimper 9 years ago

      I am a guy who has always loved women's shoes, not just heels but flats and everything between. Women's sizes fit my feet better than mens also. I am not nor have I ever been interested in wearing any other feminine articles of clothing, not even hosiery.

    • LatexLeah profile image

      LatexLeah 9 years ago

      No outfit is complete w/o heels.

    • profile image

      Just Me 9 years ago

      Hope, I do want to say, in this HUB you have addressed some big, big eye openers and I thank you for all your articles. I have really enjoyed reading them

      I have been a huuuuge fan of high heels for years. They are by far the most alluring shoe, T-straps, strappies, boots and so on. My wife and I have a pair of matching boots in fact (4 1/2").....we both feel good and of course "look" good in them. it is not a big deal for me to slip on a pair of heels and saunter about the house, inside and out. if more "guys" would try them they may find heels are magnificent foot wear. Taller heels do make you walk more erect and add a little extra lift to the trunk (if you will) It's all about how you feel, I am at peace with myself and am very comfortable with who I am.....married, straight, 2.2 kids, however, drawers full of undies and a closet full of skirts.

    • profile image

      Jes' 9 years ago

      I'm secure enough to get the occasional manicure; even wear a pink shirt. But heels? Nope. I have enough trouble finding MEN'S shoes in my size :)

    • Dale Dalece profile image

      Dale Dalece 9 years ago from Lakewood Oh

      I wear High heels when dressed and out as a CD. And can walk with the best of any woman in them.atter of fact have been complemented on how I wlak and can wear heels by a lot of women.

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 9 years ago

      Hey to all the "Madisons",

      I do respect your right to have that opinion. However, would you be so kind to return the courtesy? We are all different in so many ways, but that doesn't mean we can't have the same feelings and desires even though society wants to make us believe in the stereotypes they have taught us. I too would probably fall in-line with your thinking if I, as a male, didn't experience the desire to wear high heels. As Hope Alexander began to inform us, high heels are not exclusively for women, Heels for men only seems strange because of today's social attitudes, which has been narrow-minded along with a lot of inconsideration and blind ignorance concerning the understanding of who and what people are.

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      Heeled boots have been a male thing for almost 400 years. Check out some baroque fashion web pages if you doubt this. I think the main reason most men don't wear them is foot size. If you are male and have a 39 or 40 euro foot, give them a try. I did and now wear boots with 3 to 5" heels as my primary dress shoes. I'll never go back to wearing flat heeled men's shoes again if I can help it.

    • epifanny profile image

      epifanny 9 years ago from AU

      i'd love to see my bf in heels.. i dont now about stilettoes but platforms are good enough.. i wish the 70's fashions could make a return soon.. think of bands like Kiss and the Bay City Rollers.. and most other 70's bands.. platforms were all the rage back then.. i say woo hoo bring em back.. very sexy indeed.. great hub !! :)

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      lol, Madison, heels were originally designed for men, they were commandeered by women over a hundred years after their invention, all your comment reflects is that you're a mindless drone conditioned by society to believe that certain things are 'masculine' and others are not. You're unaware of the history of these things, and apparently incapable of realizing that all any gender specification item of clothing can ever be is a meaninlgless trend bought into by those incapable of thinking for themselves. Good luck living life based entirely on hollow appearances and thinking whatever society tells you to think, I have a feeling you might need it.

    • profile image

      Madison 9 years ago

      heels for men? i don't think so. I like my boyfriend to be strong and masculine... isn't what they were created for? to be a woman's protector? wearing heels is just... utterly gross. sorry guys, its not impressive; its just creepy

    • profile image

      Steve UK 9 years ago

      Men wearing high heels can look really stylish.

      Lots of guys would really like to wear heels and other syles of clothes that society rules are for women only.

      Conventional mens clothes are so boring and we are forced by society, telling us what is acccepatable or not, to wear shirts, trousers and flat shoes for our entire life - how boring is that! Whereas women can wear absolutly anything they want (including mens clothes)and nobody thinks they are weird or calls them names! It really is unfair to men - why shouldn't we be able to wear heels, skirts and anything else.

    • profile image

      Dave 9 years ago

      Love all your stuff about lingerie but I dont go for high heels, they are just not interesting for me.

      I wear lingerie all of the time and crossdress at home all of the time, just wish I could go out and no one would be bothered.

    • profile image

      Sharon1993 9 years ago

      As a part-time crossdresser I enjoy wearing heels with my pantyhose whether I am wearing a dress, skirt, slacks or jeans. I believe if you are wearing either of those a pair of heels completes the outfit.

      As being a male wearing heels I don’t see a problem there is more enough problems in the world then caring about what someone male or female wants to wear.

    • Histiletto profile image

      Histiletto 9 years ago

      The subject of men wearing high heels is often accompanied with thoughts of perversion and an alternative lifestyle. I've never known life without my desire to wear court shoes. While progressing in the different stages of life, there were always court shoes that I wanted to wear, but society is hard to please if you venture out of the considered "norm" of the time.

      As a young and naïve person, I was scared to let society know of my desire. This resulted in spliting my conscious efforts between pleasing those around me and finding some satisfaction for my desire. You might say I was forced to live in two realities - a world of biased social limitation and the truth as I experienced it.

      Perhaps, if I was able to openly display my desire to wear high heels, I might have done better in school and I was on the honor roll a lot, but that wasn't reflective of my total capabilities. The addage of not being able to serve two masters at the same time fits this situation. Who knows what I could have accomplished had my mind been free to focus on my educational skills while I could openly wear my high heels.

      As long as society forces us to stay within limitations that are not true to what life really involves, we will all suffer from the confinement. Understanding what makes people want to give their all, we must first find what is constraining them. Civilization is going through some hard times now and we are going to need our minds focused in the right areas. I would rather see excited, knowledgeable men wearing high heels making life sucessful and rewarding, then watching funny people trying to make me laugh through pain of living. Both will probably be needed, but the men in heels gives me hope.

    • profile image

      Debra 9 years ago

      love your commentary and it is just so true! once i learned to accept my husband's femininity it became so much fun to explore including wearing heels....over the years "we" have replaced all of his boring men's shoes (and socks) with quite an array of women's footware and stockings ranging from nylon trouser socks to garter stockings and basic unisex sandals to 3 inch mary janes that shout "all girl" took my encouragement and some time but now he doesn't think twice about matching his heels to his outfit....honestly nobody really cares and it is such a treat to hear his heels clicking alongside of my fun to be sure.....give i try guys....and girls!

    • profile image

      steve 9 years ago

      I wear high heels with jeans. I also don't wear dresses or skirts. For medical reasons I wear nylons instead of socks except for work. I like to find a job where I don't have to wear socks. I own 2 pairs of high heels and 1 pair of sandles. Its hard to find size 13Ws. I love the feel of nylons and heels.

    • profile image

      billyb 10 years ago

      Hope great hub I hope you continue to dig into the wonderful world of men wearing heels, for me personally I will ether wear my cowboy boots with 3.5" riding heels or womens heels 3" to 4" but never mens shoes again. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      billyb 10 years ago

      Hope First of all thank you for starting this hub. As a man who loves to wear high heels let tell a little about myself. I grew up with two older sisters by several years during the sixites and they and my mom always had high heel shoes that they would wear almost all the time, as a kid I was intrigued with high heels and would try on their shoes but I grew up around a farming and ranching family and boys in heels was a big no no. I could wear cowboy boots and I have worn boots most of my life and my boots have a 3" to a 3.5" heel I own only one pair of mens shoes and that is a pair of athletic shoes for jogging. About a year ago I finally bought a pair of ladies pumps with a 4" stilleto heel and fell in love with the shoes Iove the feel and the way they fit compaired to mens shoes, and it did not take that long to learn to walk in them since I was used to the cowboy boots. Now I have several pairs of different styles of pumps and ladies boots all with heels between 3.5" and 4". I only dress as a male no dress's or skirts and all of my pants are boot cut and when I wear the heels it is mostly covered. I have started wearing my ladies boots to work most days and a pair of loafer style shoes with a 3.5" stacked heel and I have not received any negiteve reaction in fact I don't think anyone even notices. Please keep up the great writing and continue to dig into men in heels as there are more and more men finding the fun of heels.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 10 years ago

      Good point Kerryg. It is true that many say that high heels originated in France in the 1500's as men's footwear. They were quickly adopted by both the men and women of the French artistocracy, and remained popular through to the time of the French Revolution, when looking like an aristocrat was an exceptionally bad idea. It was around 100 years before high heels came back into fashion, and when they did they were mainly designed for women.

    • kerryg profile image

      kerryg 10 years ago from USA

      Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't high heels originally intended for men? I know Louis XiV was a fan, shortie that he was.

    • C.S.Alexis profile image

      C.S.Alexis 10 years ago from NW Indiana

      Hope you have hit on a great adventure for those who dare to wear the heels. Thanx, C.S., this was a fun read.


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