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Hot Manicure Techniques

Updated on March 24, 2013

Make Your Nails Look Their Best

Are you the type of person who loves doing your nails and having them look fabulous? Are you looking for some new ways to spruce up your finger nails because your tired of the same one colour look, and tired of paying the salon? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have some fairly easy tips to make your nails dazzle. These hot looks will get people asking you where you got your nails done. Of course you'll reply you did them yourself. They'll be shocked.

Look One- French Manicure

Most people know what a french manicure is, but for those of you who don't here's an explanation. A french manicure is when you use a light pale pink coloured nail polish as the base, and then you paint just the tips of the finger nails white. French manicures don't always need to be those colours. You can do any colours you choose, those colours are just the basics.

What You Need

  • Clear base coat nail polish
  • base polish shade of your choice
  • tip shade of your choice
  • clear top coat polish

Directions- Step One

Apply the clear base coat to all your nails, doing so gives your nails a smoother surface for when you apply the colour coat.

Step Two

Do two coats of the base colour, and let dry.

Step Three

With the tip colour carefully paint the tips of your nails, let dry. If you have troubles with this you can purchase stick ons you put on your nails to ensure the tips come out even.

Step Four

Lastly, brush on two coats of the clear top coat to all your nails, and that's it. You just finished doing your own at home french manicure.

Look Two- Crackle Effect

The crackle effect is one of the top hot trends this year for nail art. To achieve this look you must buy crackle nail polish. It shouldn't be hard to find, I've seen them in many drugstores.

What You Need

  • Clear base coat polish
  • base shade of your choice
  • crackle nail polish, make sure it's a different colour from your base shade. This is important so you will be able do see the crackles.

Directions- Step One

Apply the clear base coat to all your finger nails, and let them dry.


Step Two

Once clear base coat is dry you can paint on the colour base coat. Do two coats.

Step Three

With the crackle polish do one coat on all your nails. Make sure it dries completely before doing the top coat. This will make sure the polish crackles all the way.


Step Four

You may now do two coats of the clear top coat. This is very important, becaue the crackle polish chips easily. The top coat will help protect from unwanted chipping.


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