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Hot New Stocking Styles | This Year's Must Have Hosiery

Updated on May 27, 2009

The newest trend in hosiery is sticking the seam not at the back of the hosiery, but at the front. That's fashion for you, it's cyclical. Seams used to be at the back, then they disappeared altogether, now they're at the front. Next season it will be all the rage to draw a nice clean line down the front of your face.

We can mock fashion as much as we want, but the fact of the matter is, there's nothing quite like the thrill of following a trend. That's why I'm currently wearing a pair of sunglasses the size of dinner plates whilst inside and wearing a body suit with no pants. I'm on the edge. You could be on the edge too, if you read along with all these articles and do exactly as I say.

By now you might be wondering if the hot new trend in stocking styles really is having the seams at the front, and I don't blame you, so before I lose you, dear reader, into the abyss of last year's fashion trends, let me corroborate my claims.

From Tights Please: ( “Hot off the catwalk - Wolford Paloma Tights - sheer tights with front seams to make legs look long and elegant. William Tempest showed them on his models and started a brand new trend. Wear them as knee highs for a younger more playful look. Seamed hosiery is an elegant, grown-up trend, so choose back-seamed sheer stockings to wear when teaming them with beautiful lingerie.”

So there you go, Tights Please is a British website and everyone knows that the British would not like about fashion. Why, the British had men running around dangling caches of lace from their wrists well up until the 1980's, and some of them still insist on wearing long wigs to work.

The tights pictured are Wolford Paloma tights. Wolford is one of the most celebrated names in hosiery, creating stockings which are not only fashionable, but incredibly comfortable. They're also very in right now, so a good purchase for anyone wanting to prove their fashion chops to the world.

As a final warning, please keep in mind that fashion is important, but it is not the be all and end all of life. If you pursue fashion to the exclusion of all else, you may find yourself a soul less, shallow, broken down wreck capable of little more than weakly picking faults in super models whilst reaching for another bowl of Cheetos with a side of laxatives.


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