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PVC and Latex Rainwear | Raincoats and Mackintoshes

Updated on November 15, 2010

Who can resist the sound of rain pouring off the top of your PVC hood, dripping onto the wet ground all around you whilst you are cocooned in a plastic shield of goodness. Impermeable latex, impermeable PVC. Is there anything better than the joy of shielding the skin from watery wetness and the special feeling one can only get from wearing these amazing synthetic creations? I think not.

Whilst some consider the raincoat to be little more than a practical piece of clothing, good for little more than shielding the clothes the wearer actually cares about from the storm, for many people, the raincoat itself is the main event. Latex, PVC and even Nylon are all big players in this field populated with people gifted with the ability to see heaven in the mundane.

For these lucky lads and ladies putting on galoshes and a long raincoat and stepping out into the rain is pure heaven. And why not? Rain wear is your friend. It keeps you dry, warm and entertained all in one nice neat, easily cleaned package.

Narcisco Latex Raincoat

This fashion latex raincoat is made by Narcisco Rodriguez, and it is a lovely piece fashioned after a 70's design. It can be a little difficult to find latex raincoats in some areas, so it is worth paying attention to designers who are inspired to include latex in their creations.

Yellow PVC Raincoat

PVC, on the other hand, is plentiful and can be found everywhere. The raincoat pictured here is a vintage yellow raincoat, a type of yellow pvc raincoat which spawned a million imitators and which has taken a rightful place in the wardrobes and hearts of rainwear connoisseurs and people who just need to keep dry from the rain alike.

The brilliant thing about PVC rainwear is that it is relatively cheap, it is certainly plentiful, and it can be worn on any overcast day without raising so much as an eyebrow from the people who come and go in the hustle and bustle of a busy street.

Clear Rainwear

Of course, if you like to be more transparent about your love of rainwear, there is nothing like a clear raincoat. The one pictured is a vintage raincoat from Heavenly Vintage Lingerie.

If worn around the home, this sort of rainwear can be flirtatious and playful and introduce a whole new perspective on lingerie. Slightly fuzzy behind the cloak of plastic, just out of reach but still visible, clear rainwear adds mystery and charm to what might otherwise be very run of the mill lingerie.


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    • profile image

      Gunnau 8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      Ahh Hope

      I have forgotten the pleasure of good raincoat and boots standing out in the rain. it's been a while.

      You rarely see nice PVC or Latex coats and Mackintoshes.

      How ever, the English being a kinky bunch, there are places with all sorts of latex and PVC goodies including rain wear.

      Get in while the pound is low