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Hot Pink Sunglasses

Updated on March 10, 2011

Hot Pink Sunglasses: Always Stylish and Always Fun

Hot pink sunglasses are no longer something that you only see little girls wearing in the classic heart-shape or adults wearing at Halloween time as part of their 80's costumes. Believe it or not, hot pink sunglasses are available in a variety of really cool, beautiful, and unique styles such as very fashionable hot pink aviator sunglasses. There are a ton of very stylish, sophisticated and sleek options out there. All you need to know is where to find them. Sometimes it can be difficult finding attractive hot pink sunglasses in stores, especially if you're looking for a particular type like angel sunglasses or hot pink aviator sunglasses. The best selection by far including varieties of styles and price ranges is online. The best selection overall for designer hot pink sunglasses that I've seen is at Amazon or eBay. Click here to visit or eBay right now.

While you still can find old-school style hot pink sunglasses, you can now find everything from hot pink Lady Gaga style sunglasses to Jackie O. style hot pink sunglasses. If you take a look online, you will not be disappointed by the selection, and you are sure to find a pair of hot pink sunglasses that you love. If you're worried you can find the right style for your face, then keep reading below to view a short guide on your face shape and matching it to the right hot pink sunglasses for you.

Hot Pink Aviator Sunglasses

As mentioned, hot pink aviator sunglasses are a feminine option to the typical aviator sunglasses. Let's face it, sometimes aviator sunglasses can look rather manly unless they're designed intelligently.

On the other hand, hot pink aviator sunglasses can be a great style hot pink sunglasses for almost every face shape - it just matters what shape of hot pink aviator sunglasses they are. Plus, they're super feminine and sexy for the summertime. You can find everything from super chic hot pink aviator sunglasses to Elvis style hot pink aviator sunglasses. No matter what style you choose, hot pink sunglasses are a fun option for any female, any age.

Hot pink sunglasses
Hot pink sunglasses

Hot Pink Sunglasses That are Right for You

It doesn't matter who you are, some sunglasses styles will suit your face shape better. To find out what face shape you have, look at yourself in a mirror, then trace around your face area with your finger. Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face and be sure to wash your finger lines off the mirror after you're finished. If your face shape looks.

  • Oval: You will have the most selection of appropriate styles for your face, because your face is relatively balanced. Any style of hot pink sunglasses, from round to wraparounds to aviator styles will look great on you. Just be careful if you are very petite as not to buy a pair of hot pink sunglasses that are too large. Choosing frames that are wider will accentuate your cheekbone area more.
  • Oblong: Your face tracing will appear long and narrow, but rounded still with straighter cheekbone lines than oval. Your goal is choose sunglasses that lessen the length of your face by finding larger style frames of hot pink sunglasses that cover more of the middle of your face.
  • Round: Your face will look more circular. To limit its round appearance, opt for hot pink sunglasses frames that are more angular and narrower frame that will seem to add width to your face at the cheekbone/eye area. Opt for wraparounds that are not too deep.
  • Square: If your face is very angular at the forehead and jawline, then you need to give the appearance of softening these angles with your sunglasses. Look for curved frames that will contrast your angles and ones that are wider and come to the edges of your face .
  • Heart-shaped: Your forehead will be noticeably stronger and wider, while your chin is narrow. Opt for thinner framed and minimally sized hot pink sunglasses, unless you don't mind your face looking wider than it is. You don't really have to worry about square or round frames because either will offset your triangle shape.
  • Triangle: You forehead is narrow and your jawline is wide and strong. Your goal is to offset this imbalance by widening the top of your face. Hot pink sunglasses are a great option because they're brightly colored which will soften your wide jawline. Any bright and decorated frames will do so. Also, classic cat's eyes frames can do wonders. They will broaden your face higher up, tapering more at the bottom of the frame, which is exactly what you need.

In all, buy sunglasses that you love - don't worry too much about what will look best on you. I personally love aviator sunglasses and have a very oblong face, but I wear them anyways. They make me feel confident and that's all that matters. These are just suggestions, not strict rules.

It is much more important to feel beautiful and confident in your sunglasses than to abide strictly to the many fashion dos and don'ts. Just when you do look for hot pinks sunglasses, or any other sunglasses for that matter, make sure they will provide 100% UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes safe and healthy.


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