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Hot shave! How to get warm lather before your shave.

Updated on May 11, 2012

The perfect shaving mug

It seems there is a generation that is looking for a better way to shave. I have read many blogs and forums on the topic of using safety razors aka DE razors (double edge). I have been using a DE razor for a few years and have found some great ideas of how to improve the experience. I wanted to address this topic, but not have a long blog covering all the products used. Instead, I will share my experience and tips in the coming weeks.

This idea came to me while in a barber chair. I got the hot towel experience and a warm lather work up before the actual shaving started. The follow are two approaches with the final outcome...warm lather.

First a shaving scuttle mug for around $50.00. This link show the details.

The idea is to fill water in to the outer layer (hot water or microwave for 3min) then put your lather into the dry bowl and wip up with your brush. The second approach is far less costly.

This consist of a soup bowl and large shaving mug. Again fill with hot water (cold water and microwave for 3 min). Stack as shown and lather up.

For the extra benefit, I would have hot water in both bowls, soak my badger brush in the top bowl for a few seconds, then take it out and replace it with a folded wash cloth to soak up the extra hot water. This is the good part, I then place the hot towel over my morning growth (face) for about 2-3 minutes. This seems to hydrate the beard and prepares it for a swift and easier cut from the blade. This does make a difference. Then applying the warm lather helps continue the process.

If you are new to DE shaving, this trick will enhance the experience. When I get around to it, I hope to continue this topic with the other tricks I've learned along the way.


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    • moneyshot profile image

      moneyshot 5 years ago

      Finally got around to the second hub on shaving. How to get a BBS shave.

    • moneyshot profile image

      moneyshot 5 years ago

      Voskhod teflon coated blades are more forgiving than Feather. Ebay has boxes of 5 blades, very cool.