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Hottest Asian Guys Hairstyles Of 2011

Updated on June 7, 2014
Japanese Rock hairstyles.
Japanese Rock hairstyles.

Men of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asia descents are blessed with great styling hair. Their smooth, medium-textured hair is naturally straight in most cases and takes well to gel and hairspray. It does not take a lot of grooming to look good, but it is flexible enough to match many looks. The number of Asian guys hairstyles are endless.

Le Seung Gi hairstyle
Le Seung Gi hairstyle

Bowl Cut

Traditionally, many Asiatic men would wear their hair with bangs, in a bowl-cut style. This style is generally considered old-fashioned. It still tends to be used on young children. It makes the hair look thicker, but the long bangs cover up much of the face.

Jet Li crew cut.
Jet Li crew cut.

Crew Cut

A very short hairstyle created with an electric razor but not completely shaved is called a crew cut. The hairstyle might be trimmed uniformly, or left slightly longer on the top of the head. This shows off a great facial structure and high Asiatic cheekbones. Some types of Asian men tend to look more hispanic in a crew cut.

Ken Watanabe shaved head.
Ken Watanabe shaved head.

Shaved Head

Shaving the skull completely is not just for monks anymore. Paired with a suit and tie, the shaved look becomes sleek and professional. It is for men with a no-nonsense attitude. The look is achieved by trimming long hair with an electric razor or clippers. Then, use a shaving cream and a razor to get a close shave.

Many women are attracted to men with shaved heads. It is a high class look that many movie stars and rich entrepreneurs are sporting. It is not for everyone. Though there is no need for shampoo or conditioner, it requires a fresh shave every two to three days.

Seungri short hairstyle.
Seungri short hairstyle.

Short Textured Hair

Short, textured hair is very "in" for Asiatic men of all ages. The look is achieved with a short, not shaved head with hair that is slightly longer on the top and back. Straight hair can be tousled with mousse or gel to form a soft style. Gel will make the hair look wet, while mousse will dry to a soft finish.

Kim Jun Su faux-hawk.
Kim Jun Su faux-hawk.


Faux-hawks are very popular with younger men of all ethnicities. The hair does not have to be cut, as long as it is medium in length. Sometimes it is longer on top to make the hairstyle taller. Mousse or gel can be used to smooth it upwards in the middle. The rest of the hair can lay softly around the face.

Tae Yang Mohawk haircut.
Tae Yang Mohawk haircut.

Mohawk Haircut

For a more extreme look, a shaved head with a mohawk is perfect. Asiatic hair can usually take to standing up very well because it is not too thin or wavy. Use a colored gel for an even more interesting style.

Kim Hyun Joong long hair.
Kim Hyun Joong long hair.

Long Choppy Hairstyle

Young Asian guy bands wear a long, choppy 'do. The look is achieved by flat-ironing if necessary so the locks will lie completely flat. The hair is usually allowed to loosely fall over the forehead. Hairspray will keep it smooth and soft. Only use a light hold, as a strong hold will make the hair look wet and feel crunchy to the touch.

Curly ends hairstyle.
Curly ends hairstyle.

Curly Hair

A perm is a chemical used to curl the hair. In the 80's, tight, frizzy curls were very popular on people of all races. These days, perms are different. It is possible to get a perm and achieve looser, softer curls, rather than an afro. Perms can range from very loose waves to tiny, tight curls.

Ruki Alice Nine hairstyle.
Ruki Alice Nine hairstyle.

Hair Color

Asians with naturally black hair can lighten their hair using bleach. Very dark hair can turn orange with bleach, so it is important to use a toner. Dark hair can be dyed to a light brown, or highlights can be added to create texture. It is possible to bleach at home, though to avoid disaster it is usually wise to go to a salon.

When the hair is lightened, other colors can be added. It is not usual for younger Asian guys and girls to add all sorts of colors to the hair. Colored extensions are usually cheaper than dyes and can be taken out at any time. Colored hairsprays and gels are temporary and washed out in the shower.

Hair Treatment

Treated hair can suffer from dryness and damage. Heat and bleach are the main causes of hair damage. Strengthening shampoos and conditioners work well to solve this problem. Also try a hair oil, as it works well with Asian hairstyles to keep the hair sleek.

Great Asian guys hairstyles are appropriate for the man's age and make him look his best. Gels and sprays made for men have more manly scents. The hairstyle should be easy to maintain and routinely trimmed to keep the ends neat.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      last picture is alice nine saga

      ruki is from the gazette

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      too bad it only looks good on Japanese and koreans.. regular vietnamese dude? lawl, screw that. do a clean cut XD

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Love Japenes hare!!!!


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