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Houndstooth Pants

Updated on March 16, 2011

Houndstooth Pants, Not Just for the Office

Houndstooth is a very classic style clothing pattern that used to be used only in such items as wool pants and other warm, wool winter accessories. Now, houndstooth pants can be anything from part of a chef's distinguished uniform to a pair of dress pants to casual clothing that you can hang out it and have fun.

While they will always be forever stylish, houndstooth pants are now made into fun and relaxed styles like women's capris, women's skorts, men's snowboarding style pants, and children's everyday clothing.

The point is, houndstooth pants have come a long way from houndstooth dress pants, you can also look equally as stylish in a more comfortable setting.

There are even super comfortable houndstooth pants available with stretch elastic waists and a loose fit for those looking for a more stylish option of comfy pants.

Variety of Houndstooth Pants Colors and Styles

Houndstooth pants may seem like they would only come in classic black and white, however, they often come in a variety of colors, like a warmer brown with cream, or even a black with cream.

Whatever color you choose for your new houndstooth pants, you are sure to look elegant and sophisticated. Unless, you are wearing snowboard pants - then you'll just look very fashionable.

While you probably won't find houndstooth pants in as many colors as houndstooth shirts, you will definitely have more choice than just black - except in chef's pants. Chef's uniform pants are typically only available in black and white which is rightfully clean-looking for a restaurant kitchen.

Of course, as I've said, houndstooth pants come in a wide variety of styles for men, women, and children.

For the most flattering fit for everyone, opt for flat-front style houndstooth pants. Sometimes, pleated houndstooth or any other print pant can make your hips look bigger than they are.

Flat front houndstooth pants can also help you look leaner and taller. What better fit to choose for your classic houndstooth pants than the classic flat front style. If you like to shop online for clothing and also eBay have a wide selection of houndstooth pants.

Houndstooth Dress Pants

Women's Houndstooth Dress Pants
Women's Houndstooth Dress Pants


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