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Houndstooth Shirts for Summer Time

Updated on March 12, 2011

Mens Shirts for Formal or Casual Affair

Hountstooth shirts contain the houndstooth pattern. The houndstooth pattern is broken or abstract checks. The colors commonly used for houndstooth is black and white, occasionally however other colors are substituted for the black or white.

The houndstooth check originally come to us from Scotland, it was used in their wool woven clothing and blankets. Today a variety of material is used to produce the houndstooth check pattern. It is also used on a variety of clothing including shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, handbags, and virtually any other clothing item.

A popular item that men are most likely to wear from this pattern is houndtooth shirts. The houndstooth pattern makes for a lovely dress shirt. It can be worn during formal affairs or casual encounters. Depending on the material used to make the houndstooth shirt it can be worn during the warm summer months or colder seasons.

Mens Houndstooth Dress Shirts

Since houndstooth shirts are patterned you will want to wear them with jeans or solid colored pants, khaki pants should be avoided with black and white houndstooth shirts as this outfit can clash.

Houndstooth shirts are sold online and many designer clothing shops. Black and white check will be the most popular color pairing, but the pattern of houndstooth that you can find is very diverse. Whether you are looking for an undershirt for a suit or just a nice shirt to go out to dinner in, houndstooth shirts are perfect attire.

For summer months it is my recommendation to wear houndstooth shirts that are made from a lightweight material like cotton or even seersucker. For winter or those cold fall nights, stick to heavier material like wool or even cashmere.

You can shop houndstooth shirts in stores and also online. and eBay both have great prices and stock a wide variety of shirts.

houndstooth shirt
houndstooth shirt


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