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Houndstooth Shorts

Updated on March 21, 2011

How Far Houndstooth Has Come: From Classic to Shorts

The houndstooth pattern has long been popular for its timeless elegance and simplistic appeal. It was originally woven from wool, but now you can find houndstooth shorts made from other fabrics for a dressier and much cooler casual.

Dressier than khaki and a change from plaid, houndstooth shorts offer the modern man a chance to be stylish without going overboard. All the time remaining cool. Pair it with a nice white polo shirt, and you have the epitomy of simple and classic style.

Up until recently, shorts were not made in the houndstooth pattern. Only dress slacks, blazers, skirts, and winter coats were seen in the typically wool fabric. Now that it has been universally recognized and admired, you see everything from houndstooth shorts to houndstooth flats or houndstooth purses.

Now that you're in the market for houndstooth shorts, the next step is finding a pair of houdnstooth shorts that will be comfortable for you.

While you may have trouble finding a pair of houndstooth shorts in your favorite department store, you might be able to find a pair at stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Of course with these types of stores, you will not always find the clothes you like in the right size.

Where to Find Houndstooth Shorts

Your best option is to accurately measure your waist and start looking online. There are many great stores and auction sites where you can find even designer houndstooth shorts for less.

Just be sure to check that the length of the shorts onilne that you like are the right length for you. Sometimes pictures are not always accurate depictions of the clothing, so you need to make sure to check the inseam lengths.

Houndstooth shorts are an excellent option for golf or for a more formal summer afternoon occasion that doesn't require a suit. It's also great for casual office wear or casual Fridays, because you're pairing a very old and very classic pattern of fabrics with a modern summer style.

If you like to shop online for a wider selection i recommend and eBay.

houndstooth shorts
houndstooth shorts


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