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How Can We Do Makeover Of Indian Bride?

Updated on January 15, 2015

Wedding Is Special Day For Every Woman

Wedding day is one time event in man and woman life and it is something they fantasize many times. It is the day when we need each and everything has to be perfect. From your hair to your makeup and from your cloths to your shoes. The “great Indian wedding” is not only surprise for ever bride but it’s a big and important day for their life too. As much as it’s a day of celebration, it’s a day of nervousness, worries and booking and in the middle of all, the “perfect India Women Bride”. A lot of planning and coordination needs for the perfect day. Sometime mishaps also happen on wedding day. Don’t Worry. Here I am providing some Indian bride makeover and beauty tips so you can follow on you special day.

Make the most special occasion by making perfectly beautiful, special and remembering. If you are little bit confident about the fashion and makeover of your wedding day than it would be happier for the wedding make up you have done.The bright and heavy cloths worn by an Indian bride make Indian bridal makeup more complicated than any other bride.

Tips On Indian Bride Makeover

Now i am providing tips and tricks so every Indian bride can look perfect and charming or their special day:

How can do makeover of Indian bride?

  • Before you starting applying makeup on your face run ice cube all over face and neck. It helps you to feel fresh. It is very important use those products ensure your makeup last entire day. Your sweat and perspirations should not affect on your make up. Make sure before starting makeup you tell your make up expert what exactly you need. So expert would keep in mind your personal choices and preferences.
  • Use great concealer and under eye brightener. And I personally think good concealer is much important than foundation. It is very important to use high qualities blushes and highlighter. Because wedding day is long day so your makeup should has to be perfect at last.
  • You never know when end up of pimple on your face. So apply concealer on them because it will hide all you acne problem. After that use full coverage foundation. It gives you glowing effect on your face apart from moisturizing your face. Use primer on your face and neck before applying makeup. Because this provides great base for the application of makeup.
  • Before applying eye makeup use primer. Shape your eyes with eyeliner. Avoid using harsh line. After that curl your lashes and hold the curl lashes for 5 seconds. You can also use false lashes if you are comfortable. Choose your eye shadows color carefully. Avoid choosing trendy and bright colors, always preferred to choose true colors. Natural is best.
  • Glowing skin is key word here – not shiny, not shimmery and not even plain. So get a highlighter to highlight your cheeks, nose, forehead and cheeks. This should give glow to your skin.
  • Lip liner frames your lips so you can fill color in. But keep in mind one thing choose natural colors. For best results add small amount of gloss, applied to the center of bottom lips. Keep a balance between your lips and eyes.
  • Depends on your dress code you can even also apply body makeup. Keep in mind the humidity and don’t forget to use moisturizer on your body.

Very Important factor to keep in mind when it come up to Indian bridal makeup that day and night makeup. If you have ceremony on day, keep minimum makeup and go for the natural look and if your going for the night wedding, keep makeup heavy and use lot of colors.

Deep, heavy makeup is common for Indian brides, If your jewelry rich in color and heavy, so make up should be light so entire thing would be balanced. If you choose heavy eyes makeup, lipstick should be more natural and light shade. For brighter lips use neutral eyes to balance your face. Make up colors should complement the dress, use the same colors and tones.

Some Make Up tips for Eyes and Lips

  • Never wear heavy smoky eyes look for your wedding. It will give you panda eyes by the end of wedding.
  • If you are using eye shadow never use matte and glittery colors. Go for the pearl finish eye shadows only for your wedding.
  • Waterproof makeup is good choice; it’s long lasting and won’t run it you shed some tears of joy.
  • Apply eyelashes for first time for your wedding. Practice first.
  • Create pretty line before applying your lip color using your brush, then you can also use lip pencil in complementary color.
  • Choose lip color in bright shade. Never wear light color of lipstick. Always go for the dark shade.
  • Remember that is not important to match the shade of youyr lipstick with your outfit. That’s look amateur.


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