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The Easiest Way To Tie A Necktie

Updated on March 24, 2015

In This Article:

  • Easy to follow instructions for tying neckties
  • Time saving tips
  • Tie style advice

How To Tie a Necktie

While there are a few different ways to tie a necktie, in this article I will be instructing you on the most basic necktie knot there is in my opinion. Also called the four-in-hand knot, this knot is one of the easiest necktie knots to tie which makes it great for first timers!

Step 1

Button your dress shirt all the way up and unfold the collar. Next take the tie and drape it around your neck. I find it helpful to have the wider end of the tie on my right side since I'm right handed. Make sure you have the outside part of the tie facing out or else you'll have an inside out tie. Next pull the wider end of the tie down so that it hangs lower than the narrow end. (You'll find out why later on!) Now you're ready to start tying the knot.

Step 2

With both ends in each of your hands, and with the wider end still hanging down lower than the narrow end, take the wide end side of the tie and cross it over the front of the other (narrow) end.

Step 3

Now take the wider end that you crossed over and wrap it around the narrow end. Make sure while you're doing this that you keep the tie flat and that you wrap it around as high as you can so that it wraps around where you first crossed the tie. Continue wrapping the wide end around until it has gone completely around the narrow end one time. This means that you have wraped the tie first around the back end and then all the way around the front. Now take the wide end and loop it up behind and above the knot that you have just made.

Step 4

Take the wide end that you just looped up above the knot and slip it through the slit behind the outermost wrap of the outside of the knot. I think this works easier if you take the very end of the wide side of the tie and start sliding it through and pulling it all the way down. Now you can tighten the tie. Pull down gently on the wide end of the tie to finish the knot.

Step 5

Now that you have your knot finished, all that you have left to do is slide it up so that its tighter around your neck. To do this, simply hold the knot with one hand and with the other, pull down on the narrow end of the tie. As you do this, you'll see the narrow end gets longer and the tie is pulled up to your neckline. Make sure as you are doing this that you are going to have the tie centered under your neck. You may have to pull the tie to the side as you're pulling it up. Flip your collar down and make sure your tie is centered.

That's It!

That's all it takes to tie a necktie. Although at first it may not be that easy, you will get used to how it feels to tie it. Don't worry if your tie doesn't look right the first time. It may take you a few times to get it just right. If one end of your tie is a lot longer or shorter than the other, that means you started off a little too long on one side. Undo the knot and start over until it looks like it should. Although this is just one of many ways to tie a tie, in my opinion it is the easiest and quickest to learn.

Style Tip:

Make sure your tie matches what you are wearing. Your tie should match either your shirt or your suit. If you are not wearing a jacket, try to match your pants or something else you may be wearing like a vest, cummerbund, or boutonniere.

Time Saving Tip

Once you've tied your tie and you got it just right, don't worry about having to tie it again every time you want to wear it. Just do what I do:

  • After you are done wearing your tie and you are ready to take it off, simply unfold your collar and pull the tie down so that the narrow end goes back smaller and you have enough slack in the tie to slip it off. This way next time you need to wear it all you have to do is slip it back on and tighten it up. Or do this ahead of time for when you know you are going to need to wear it.

Necktie How To Video

Trying to read about the process of how to tie a necktie can be a little confusing and sometimes it's just best if someone shows you how to do it in person, but if you don't have that here's the next best thing: a helpful video on the exact same kind of necktie knot!


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