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How I Made My Skin Clear Again Using an Antibiotic

Updated on August 30, 2011

As a teenager, I had the usual breakouts, but nothing that I couldn’t handle, and eventually they would go away. I still would always get compliments from others on how clear my complexion was. About five years ago I started to break out like you couldn’t imagine and it never happened like that before. Sometimes the left side of my face would break out more than the right, or the other way around. I could never get my face clear, and when I did see improvement it would break out again in a matter of days. On a really bad skin day I hated going out in public. I was constantly buying acne products that had Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, and everything under the sun and nothing was working, and the compliments on my skin had long stopped. It also didn’t help that sometimes I would pick at my pimples and also had scarring. I also love using makeup and I am one of those who always has some form of it on when I go out in public. And when I did go out it took me longer to do my makeup because I was putting more foundation on to hide the scars. My mom always helped with any advice or product she might have seen. One thing she told me that I also used when I was younger is putting medicated powder on the breakouts to dry them up. One of the best brands I have used is Ammens.

After a while of going through this cycle I decided I would go to my parents Dr. about my acne. When I got there she also told me she had a background in dermatology, so that was awesome. I really almost started to cry when I told her about my breakouts. I had even spent money on mineral makeup thinking that was better for my skin. She examined my face and used a pimple scrapper like object to scrape at the pimples. It did not hurt or anything, I just felt pressure. She told me I had a bad bacteria infection. She gave me a prescription cream of Tretinoin 0.025% which is basically a generic acne skin cream. And also antibiotics of Tetracycline that is used to treat bacterial infections. A few days later my skin looked worse. I was annoyed but started to think of the saying sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. I saw improvement within a week. By the month my pimples were gone. I could not stop looking at how clear my skin was, and couldn’t believe it. I still get the occasional break out but nothing compared to what I used to and I feel more confident when I go out.

I am proud of myself because I work hard to keep my skin healthy. I switch up facial products sometimes but for the past few months I have been using Noxzema acne products.(only their face washes) Right now I am using their Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Lathering Cleanser. I also like their Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub. And I continue to use my Tretinoin Cream for those rare breakouts. I no longer take Tetracycline since it did what it was supposed to. The dark spots on my face from the acne scars have lightened over the years, and can barely be seen. Dermablend cover creme is also a great concealer. It comes in a little jar and it lasts for a long time.

My advice is if you have suffered from acne and nothing is working go to a professional like I did. Save the money and do not buy endless products.

Tips to help skin be clear and healthy.

~Wash face twice a day. Find products that work best for you~

~Drink water~

~Wash and change pillowcase~

~Keep hands off of face~

~Wash makeup brushes and sponges from time to time with soap and water. Washing them is very important because this will keep bacteria from being moved around all over the face. It is good to do this until you buy a new one, or in my case when it is time to buy more foundation, a new sponge comes with it~

~Moisturize face before putting makeup on. It makes the makeup go on better, and gives you a glow~


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    • starsha profile image

      starsha 3 years ago

      Thanks everyone. Happy to help. Do not remember my dose, but after a few months of taking it, when I stopped I got some breakouts again. And that is normal if you stop too soon. It's been a while but from what I can remember, I probably took it for about a year, but of course everyone is different. Now I am using Clean and Clear advantage 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser, and their advantage acne spot treatment. And now I will just buy makeup sponges right away when needed. I don't bother with even washing them.

    • profile image

      rijan thapa 3 years ago

      thanks for you for giving me an important health tips.. i will care my face and skin for according to your guidline.. thanks very much....

    • profile image

      Erin 5 years ago

      What dose was your antibiotic, how many times a day and for how long. I also has recently taken an antibiotic for another issue but it cleared up my terrible skin as well. However I'm thinking i didn't take it long enough because a couple of months later my acne came back!

    • profile image

      Erin 5 years ago

      What dose was your antibiotic?

    • starsha profile image

      starsha 6 years ago

      Thank you very much. For me, it was worth taking. Glad you liked the hub. :)

    • profile image

      Sean Jones 6 years ago

      I have never been a great fan of antibiotics.But ,after going through this hub,I have to change my mind.This hub is quite informative.Iam going to try these products for sure..A big thanks...