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Why I fell in love with Kohl's

Updated on March 12, 2014

Kohl's Department Store

“My name is Irene and I used to be a spender.”

Does it sound like of those AA meetings? Well, at some point of my life, I could easily find myself on the list of ” Top ten spenders”, and be pretty proud of it. Living like there is no tomorrow and spending frivolously was no problem for me.

The change came about 5 years ago, when I started a different approach to shopping and buying of things – the sales/coupon/discount/deal approach. It might seem a very easy step to take, but it certainly wasn’t for me as an impulsive buyer and avid shopper. And then, my friend Julia took me on a trip to Kohl’s. Let me say first, that at the time I had not bought ANYTHING from a big department store. I would go to those expensive, intimate and customer-oriented boutiques, and buy unique clothes at a half of my salary prices. No blame, as I thought that only the ones without any sense of fashion shop at those huge “no character and style” stores.

Julia, a highly striving fashionista, couldn’t be wrong, right? As it turned out, she wasn’t. “I have a 30% off coupon, and we are heading right to the sales rack”, shouted Julia heading to a very well-known direction. Sales rack?? No, I don’t do that! I refuse to even stand next to her if she is serious about rummaging throughout piles of clothing of all sizes and shapes! While my head was spinning in denial, my beautiful friend had chosen two blazers and a pink (!) pencil skirt in hopes that it fits her size "0" model body.

“Fitting room, space-y, there are no minutes to waste!” and somehow miraculously I got there in no time. The two blazers fitted her gorgeously, making the whole experience even better with a price of around 25 dollars each ( don’t forget the 30% discount:)). The skirt – not her piece of cake – remained lonely on the small bench in the fitting room.

Check out line, a well applied discount and about 35 dollars later – Julia and her two new best friends - The Blazers – were leaving the store. I drove her home and the whole “incident” left my brain pretty quickly, well, until the next time, the big blowout “summer sale”.

If you don’t know yet, department stores and many others along, get rid of their not in season inventory to make space for the hot, new arrivals. With a cold winter ahead, who thinks of sheer blouses and swimsuit covers? Yes, you are right on – people like my dear friend, the penny savers and the budget divas. And just because I was her ride at the time, and for no other reason, I found myself between the busy racks of the same store.

Sales aisles were clean but had way too many other deal searching people. In my mind the act of scanning through piles of clothes was an act of shame and a devour-er of my “noble” soul. As I know how to face my fears with dignity, I stepped into the pool of madness. It felt like the whole world, to be precise – the whole Kohl’s audience was looking at me. I felt paralyzed and extremely anxious. My comrade was whistling her favorite song - “I can seeee clearly nooow the rain is gone…”, and having so much fun that I thought that I am just not normal, not like all others. This is it, my diagnosis is final - I can not make myself step out of my comfort zone and just be. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that I had to make a move. The “80% off original prices” corner winked at me and courteously invited me to check it out. I took a deep breath and dissolved in soft, silky, glittery fabrics and forever let go of my shopping the sales fear.

A couple of hours later, we walked out with a full summer wardrobe for Julia and…myself! The boutique spell was officially broken, I am now a search-for-sales type of girl.

My love affair with Kohl’s continued and grew stronger each year. About one year ago our child was born- the Kohl’s charge card. This is a special child, as it does not cry, ask for food, or clean diapers. It just lays quietly in my wallet next to my other love affairs: T.J.Maxx, Macy’s, and Amazon credit cards (later about that). I take a good care of it, and pay it in full every month, as I actually do with every card I own. I keep on using its perks every time the occasion presents itself, and never regretted or had any reserves about my full commitment to it!

A little joy brings big smiles.

Irene Bissou


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    • profile image

      greatlakesblogger 3 years ago

      As someone who used to shop at Kohl's, my condolences to you. Several years ago I was naïve and didn't have the knowledge that I have now. Now that I'm wiser, I don't step foot in Kohl's stores. Why? Because Kohl's is a scam! Kohl's merchandise is very low quality and they have what is called "fake sales". For example: The Dyson DC65 vacuum is $729.99 at Kohl's (see their website) While Dyson's company website only charges $650 for the vacuum directly from the company itself! This proves that Kohl's charges way higher prices than everyone else when they charge nearly $100 more for a product that the actual company doesn't even charge that much for! Let's not get started on store credit cards, they are the biggest scam of all! Not only are their primary purpose to try to get the consumer "hooked" on that one store, they assume that if a consumer has their "store card" that the consumer will primary shop at that store, will spend more money at their store and pay "just the minimum payments" therefore never paying off their card and forever owing them money! If you do pay off your store card regularly, your credit still takes a major hit for every "store card" you possess. As a financial advisor, the best thing I tell my clients is to get just ONE credit card as your main credit card and pay that off each month. You can have a second card as a backup card but that's it. These cards should be either Visa or MasterCard as these cards are accepted virtually everywhere.

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Enlightenment is wonderful, very astute with the credit card.