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How Jon Gosselin Killed Ed Hardy!

Updated on August 11, 2009


I’m proud to say that I never got wrapped up in the Ed Hardy phenomenon. The clothing line that is designed and owned by Christian Audigier never attracted me. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I never had the desire to wear something that looks like a tattoo encrusted by some crazed Bedazzler person got a hold of it but for whatever the reason I don’t own any of his stuff. That said, I know that about four years ago it was the latest rage and craze which means that it has finally been found by the masses. Mr. Audigier even has a nightclub here in Vegas that he designed and there’s no doubt that he is a designer that a lot of people respect and like but recently the Ed Hardy brand has gone too wide and too far. It appears on things like candles, cell phones and more. It seems as though this was the glitter that was not gay to straight guys as you can hardly go anywhere without seeing some straight guy in a sequin encrusted Ed Hardy shirt anymore. I remember a few seasons ago seeing Jon Gosselin on TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight wearing a baseball hat then a shirt all with the Ed Hardy name on it and I thought it was cool that Mr. Suburban Dad was trying to be fashion forward but with his recent antics and even a trip on the Audigier yacht with a gal pal, I think that it’s finally official. What happens to most cool brands is that in a matter of years it gets mass produced and loses it’s cool but in the case of Ed Hardy, it had an executioner. How Jon Gosselin killed Ed Hardy! – Don’t Get Me Started!

Although Jon Gosselin claims that he never wanted the spotlight, it would appear that he is reveling in it now that he doesn’t have eight kids and a wife (with a misguided hairstyle) in tow. He’s seen here and there and always in front of the camera while granting interviews telling how misunderstood he is all the while sporting a different gal pal on his arm at each sighting. The thing that really ended it for me was when about a month ago he was on the Audigier yacht and made the announcement that he would be creating a kids clothing line with Audigier and that his kids would be the models for it. Can you say exploitation Mr. Gosselin?

Now I know that some of you are saying that it’s no big deal and that Gosselin should be able to do whatever he wants. True, I’ve always thought I was one of those live and let live kind of people but you see I don’t care who Gosselin is shtooping, or that he’s making his kids models to continue to afford his lifestyle and new Manhattan bachelor pad, what I’m talking about is how he’s killing the Ed Hardy brand. And how is he doing it? He’s doing it by walking around looking as if Mr. Audigier threw up on him. (See photo)

Here’s some fashion advice that is sure to be a revelation to some and will help the rest of us to not have to look at this particular fashion faux pas made over and over again by both women and men. It’s okay to wear a designer piece but don’t outfit yourself head to toe in one designer. You no longer look like you’re making a fashion statement, you look like a walking billboard for the brand. Gosselin is a perfect example from his Ed Hardy hat to his Ed Hardy shoes it’s all a bit too much.  The idea behind style is that every one of us has the ability create our own unique style and footprint but when you buy everything on the mannequin and only ever wear those pieces together you look like the rest of the fashion don’ts who bought it and wear it the same way. I’ve no doubt some emaciated gay somewhere put those pieces together on the mannequin and would be flattered to know that you love his sense of style but that’s his sense of style and not yours.

So here’s my suggestion, be daring and try different designers and pieces with different stuff in your wardrobe. Don’t be confined by labels or anything else. And always wear what looks good on you. Just because a supposed “good” designer made it doesn’t mean it’s right for you or that any of us want to see you sporting it. Half of what designers create only looks good on the size 0 models and never gets seen off a runway anywhere anyway. And to you celebrities and mock-celebs (like Jon Gosselin) do the world a favor and stop painting yourself head to toe in one designer, will ya? How Jon Gosselin killed Ed Hardy! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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