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How Kawaii are You?

Updated on April 17, 2017

What is Kawaii?

You may be wondering what on earth kawaii is, right? Well, kawaii is an adjective in Japanese meaning; pretty, cute; lovely, charming, dear, darling, pet. It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love". It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.

Kawaii Fashion

Kawaii fashion is quite unique since it invokes a cute attitude, lively and colorful style. Here are some of my personal favorite kawaii clothing collection:


All About Kawaii!

And it's not just about fashion, kawaii culture is also making its progress in the world of arts, food and lifestyle.

Coffee Kawaii!

Too Cute to Eat?


How to Make a Kawaii Design?

Here's a tip on how to create Cute Kawaii Art:

  1. Simplicity Is Key: Use the least amount of details necessary to get your design across.
  2. Color Palettes to Keep Things Cute: Rainbows, brights, and pastels are all perfect for kawaii style.
  3. Soft Gradients and Flat Colors: Flat colors are simple, and soft gradients don’t create heavy light sources to overwhelm the design.
  4. Rounded Shapes and Corners: Rounded corners are friendly, soft, and huggable.
  5. Put a Face on it! Faces mean for a friendly, cute design.
  6. Get Emotional: Get expressive with your cute faces on your cute objects.
  7. Food, Glorious Food! A perfect and quite common subject for kawaii art.
  8. Big Heads, Little Bodies: Focus on heads and faces for kawaii character design.
  9. Animals Are Automatically Adorable: Especially baby animals.
  10. Nearly Anything Can Be Kawaii: Look around your desk or home; everything can be transformed into cuteness!

Kawaii Lingerie!

Here's a cute cat keyhole bra for you!

Kawaii: Cool or Not?

So, what do you think about kawaii fashion and art?

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