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Why Men with Longer Hair Are Overrated

Updated on December 29, 2011

Older Men with Long Hair, Nah

When I reached my age of 46, I went through a mid-life crisis and I decided to do one last thing before I hit the big 5-0, grow my hair! Nothing defines youth than long hair! This is the time you start to bald and this is your one last push to stick that "middle finger" to adulthood. It's time to grow your hair long for the last time!

It's time to live the life as a rock star or Fabio and let your hair go free! Yes, we're going to look good! We're going to look HOT!

Ummm... Nope!

Having long hair at 16 is nothing like flowing locks in your 40s! After 3 months of admiring my work of excess, I was thinking about cutting it all the time! Yuck! My round face was not the focal point anymore because my long, dangling hair that was growing in every direction imagineable had suddenly taken the spotlight and was always the topic of conversation with my friends and family!

Paul, when are you going to cut your hair? Are you trying to look like a hippy or something?

My dreams of looking like a rock star, a rebel biker, football players Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews, a surfer dude, and even like a blood-sucking but sexy vampire like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt in "Interview of a Vampire" went down the drain when I looked in the mirror! Instead, of looking like a young, virile young man, I looked like an "old-looking man" with long hair or a psychotic prisoner who hasn't seen a barber in years. Every morning, my hair would be all messed up sticking in all directions and that was NOT what I had expected.

Sure, it felt good putting my fingers through my hair. Feeling those tresses made me feel young and sexy, but my family did not feel the same. The sexiness got wiped out morning after morning when my young children started laughing at my wild, unkept hair.

In reality, I was staring at a 46 year-old man, with long hair! And, I had to admit, I did not look good at all. The only people who liked my hair were the ones that had long hair. As for the rest of the world, they probably frowned on me, and somehow ridicule me! UGH!

Oh, and the BAD HAIR days! Forget it! Trying to control those unmanageable curls was like a cowboy trying to tame the wildest horse! Impossible! At first, I thought I didn't have to use hair gel to control but that was not the case. I used globs of gel just to make it manageable and the more I used the curlier it got! There were 3 occasions that I was almost late for work because I had to fix my hair, which was never perfect.

When I told my wife, who cuts my hair regularly, that I wanted to cut my hair; she was estatic! She had been wanting to get rid of "the hair kraken" for months. In just a few minutes, I was staring down at a heap of hair that once was on the top of the head. Did I have regrets? You bet I did, but it had to go.

Today, my feeling towards my short hair doesn't quite give me that same "youthful-feeling" when I had long hair. Nope, it's a different feeling with short hair. At least, I don't have to contend with my hair in morning anymore. I just get up, wet it, and go!

So after 3 months I finally realized long hair is overrated and it took me all those months to finally discover that.

Well, at least I tried.


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    • bell du jour profile image

      bell du jour 6 years ago from Ireland

      uuuuugh no! long hair is feminine, and men should look masculine. Glad you saw sense Paul, long hair is soooo not attractive on men.