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What's the Best Number of Razors Blades for Shaving?

Updated on March 6, 2013

How many razor blades do you need for a great shave?

The supermarket shelves are full of men's shavers that seem to be competing for how many blades you need on a razor head. Think about how many times in the last few years you have been encouraged to upgrade the number of blades you need and now you must have one that takes a battery to make it buzz and vibrate.

So how many blades do you need on a razor, 3, 4, 5 or 6? I have tried many of the latest innovations in shaving including a six blade razor. I found that shaving with most of these razors did give a good shave. To be honest, there was no performance improvement from two to six blades, if anything the number of blades equated to a slight reduction in satisfaction. The heads tend to clog up more with shaving product and facial hair. Shaving gel and shaving oil made things worse with these products extra stickability making it difficult to clean the razors.

Traditional wet shaving with a single blade is now the fastest growing trend in the male grooming. You only need one real blade to get a really close shave. Whether you use a straight razor or a safety razor there's no clogging of the blades with facial hair and shaving product. Many men suffer from shaving related skin problems such as ingrowing hair, razor rash and razor burn. These shaving irritations can be attributed to the use of the multi blade razor. A traditional shave with one sharp blade will cure these problems as it helps re-train your facial hair to grow properly eliminating these skin problems.

When selecting a razor blades there are many brands available. Look for ones that are extra strength stainless steel with chromium-ceramic, tungsten and platinum coatings on the cutting edge to retain sharpness, plus a polymer coating for reduced friction and shaving comfort. These double edge blades will fit all traditional safety razors.

Think about how much you pay for multi blade disposable razor heads and you will quickly work out why so many of our customers are making the change to a traditional wet shave with a double edged razor.

So to answer my question, you only need one sharp, inexpensive razor blade for the best wet shave.


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