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How To Easily Apply Realistic Looking Fake Eyelashes Individual and Strips

Updated on May 10, 2014
Sexy luxurious lashes is the answer for all ages for sexy to confidence.
Sexy luxurious lashes is the answer for all ages for sexy to confidence.

How To Appy and Remove Fake Eyelashes Video

How To Apply Long Fake Eyelashes Tutorial

How to Apply fake eyelashes and look like a diva without the expense. You don't have to live with those skimpy eye lashes anymore! I know the whole idea of applying your own eye lashes may seem difficult to most but if your nervous have a friend help.

It can take minutes once you have the confidence after a few tries.There are several things to consider before you have your lashes applied.

  • Cost
  • Effect

You may want to consider how long you want them to last. If only for a day, week or so, do it yourself and same money.

However, if you are going on vacation and need to look hot for two week and want to swim pay the money ($75-$300) to let a professional apply your professional eye lashes.

Relax and enjoy, you will be able to apply your own lashes shortly and save tons of money. Learning to apply eye lashes can also put some extra change in your pockets! Of course with this knowledge you can add additional ones (touch ups)on anytime you want.

A professional uses products that can be harmful in the wrong hands. They are trained to prevent accidents and are insured in case of any.

Before Applying Eyelashes Consider:

  • adhesive type/color
  • eye lashes type/color
  • pointed tweezer
  • jade stone
  • tooth pick
  • individual
  • strips
  • length

Fake Eyelashes

It is important to use the best choice of fake eyelashes for your desired look or purpose. There are strip lashes that may be a little obvious but can get the job done if applied with care. There are individual lashes that look more natural but take a little longer to apply.

You can determine your length before buying and decide to cut them if they are too long. The come short, medium, long and a huge variety of designs,lengths and colors.

Fake Eyelash Adhesive

There are several types that may confuse you. Clear, black eyelash adhesive. The strips of eyelashes are normally applied with black eyelash glue. Several drops of your chosen adhesive is place on a jade stone, porcelain, or a piece of aluminum foil. The jade stone keeps the glue from drying out better.

How To Apply Individual Fake Eyelashes

The clear glue is used on people with lighter hair color such as blond, red or brown. Ardell Lash Glue comes in black and clear. They are great for applying individual lashes.

The clear can be a little glossy to those with black lashes. When applying each lash you want to start on the outside edge and work inwards.

  1. Clean eyelids.
  2. Drops of glue on stone.
  3. Pick up lash with tweezer.
  4. Dip into adhesive.(wait 5 seconds)
  5. Apply!

You will see the dot but it will dry and dissapear. You will be placing the hairs right against you skin between your own lashes. The glue will dry hard in minutes.

How To Apply Fake Strip Eyelashes

Always size your eye lash strips before you apply. Cut near longer lashes only. Bend to preshape for easier application. Dou glue is the most popular choice for strip lashes.Whats yours veterans?

  1. Clean eyelids.
  2. Apply makeup (optional)
  3. Cut strip lashes to perfect width.
  4. Cut into lashes to make more natural.
  5. Drops of adhesive on stone.
  6. Apply adhesive to lash with toothpick.
  7. Wait 15 seconds.
  8. Apply on top of lashes close to skin.

You can use eyeshadow to blend into eyelid. If your lashes don't seem to be place right, move them. The glue is not completely dry yet.

How To Remove Fake Eyelashes (WARNING)

When it is time to remove your fake eyelashes you will need a solvent. A store bought solvent to remove your eye lashes can be very harmful to your eyes. Remember you are not a professional with experience. Read the instructions and follow them as directed.

I suggest you use baby oil gel on a cotton swab. Dab onto your lashes while sitting up and allow it time to penetrate. Use a tissue underneath closed eyes and wipe downward as they slide onto the tissue. Removing them without a solvent can cause you to loose some of your own lashes.

You can also use baby oil or olive oil but they can run into your eyes if you are not careful. I hope this has help solve some ot the mystery about How To Apply Fake Eyelashes.


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