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How To Apply Makeup and Choose The Right Products For You

Updated on September 5, 2015

The internet is full of makeup ideas and tutorials. The problem is, not all makeup works with your face and skin type and it doesn't matter if you pay 120 dollars in something that doesn't suit you, it will end up being a total disaster and waste of money. Here are some guidelines to follow about what kind of products you should buy:

According to skin type:

Cream and liquid oily makeup are made for dry skin. They will look glowing even if your skin is dry.

For oily skin, oil-free liquid products and, in special in the case of extremely oily skin, that looks greasy during the day, powder make-up, including foundation (pancake), is the best, as it absorbs the oil, preventing excessive shine.

According to the shape of the eyes:

Protruding eyes will look even more protruding with light, sparkling, or glossy eyeshadow and long eyelashes. For this kind of eyes, dark matte eyeshadow is the right choice. Deep-set eyes will look even more sunken with dark eyeshadow, except if applied at the outer part of the lashline. For this kind of eyes, light, illuminating and/or glossy eyeshadow is the right one.

Small eyes will look even smaller if wrapped in kohl. For this kind of eye the right choice is light eyeliner at the lower lashline, and dark, if it must be used, only at the upper eyelash and outer part. It can also be used in eyes with glasses.

Close-set eyes will look even more close-set if wrapped in eyeliner, and fallen eyes even more fallen with a "panda" smokey eyeshadow. For this kind of eyes, "cat's eye" eyeliner and dark eyeshadow at the upper outer corner is the right choice.

According to the shape and size of the lips:

Red or strong-colored lipstick and lip gloss will make volumous lips even more volumous. To these lips, matte lipstick or light colors are the best. The opposite goes to thin lips.

According to the shape of the face:

Each face has a shape and bronzing/highlighting each one must be learned individually, by trial and error. Bronzer or brown blush at the sides or highlighter at the front can be used to conceal large cheeks or foreheads, large noses, double chins etc.

According to skin color:

Dark makeup will simply have no impact in dark skins.


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