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How To Avoid The Danger That Hides In Makeup/ Cosmetics

Updated on November 30, 2015

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmetics

One very good advantage of wearing a makeup is that it enhances one beauty (especially the females) and, sometimes, draws attention. Wearing of makeup is just simply part of our inevitable daily routine. We cannot do without using them; else we will feel incomplete while leaving home though the application varies from one individual to another. However, the fact that it has a good side does not mean it is not dangerous. Take note that this is not a campaign against makeup or cosmetics; it is only a sensitization about the risk it poses when it is being excessively indulged in.

Researches have shown that cosmetics and other facial enhancing products often contain toxic blend which are harmful to the skin. Sometimes this mixtures of several ingredients are carcinogenic (that is they cause cancers). Some other illnesses have been trace to the use of some cosmetics.

You could have asked the questions that if truly some cosmetics contain any harmful substance, why does the government allow it to be produced or be imported or why are they allowed to flood the market.

The answer to this question is that all rules and regulations contain loopholes and government rules and regulations are not exempted. The fact that government rules and regulations have loophole made desperate producers or manufacturers and marketers take advantage of this loopholes to import contrabands chemicals or produce them locally. Most of these chemicals which have been certified by the regulatory agency to be harmful to health are being used as part of ingredients which are used in producing these cosmetics products. For example, formaldehyde is a significant ingredient of blushers, benzene is found in lots of body cream, shampoos contain phenylenediamine. These chemicals accumulate in the body over a very long period of time and are toxic to the body. They (the chemicals) could interfere with the normal functioning of the body by disrupting the workings of the body hormone and affect the immune system of the body.

Why People Can’t Do Without Makeup/ Cosmetics

We can deduce from the above that there is an over-dependence on makeup/ cosmetics and the dependencies have really posed a very serious health problems on the society. Of course, everybody wants to look beautiful and nice; they want to look more beautiful than they look the previous day. They want to look more beautiful and elegant than anybody possible. So, the silly thing about beauty is that it has no standard or limit. Beauty is an insatiable feeling that makes one thirst for more, and in the effort of trying to look more extravagant, one gets to do some silly things. This has made the majority of people who are very conscious of their outward appearance to over rely on cosmetics.

The Harmful Effect Of Cosmetics

As being said before, cosmetics pose a lot of harmful effect on the skin of the user. Since human skin is a good absorber of substances found on the surface, the entire toxic ingredients blended in the product use as cosmetics are well absorbed by the skin and deposited in it. These chemicals, after finding their ways down the skin, could cause, if their deposit is in large quantity, irritation of the skin, allergies, cancer of the skin and other forms of skin problem. And in some extreme cases, this chemical could diffuse into the blood system through the skin. This could also affect the circulatory system by damaging the blood vessels.

It should note that the harmful effect of cosmetics is not just limited to the skin. It, sometime, could extend to the other organ of the body. For example, a lead-containing products such as lipsticks and eye shadows are carcinogenic (that is they cause cancers) in nature as well as neurotoxins (that is they affect the nervous system). Another good example of harmful chemical found in cosmetics is the mercury which is a chief supporter of cancerous cells.

Another harmful cosmetic is the eye makeup. Eye makeups which are not used with care could alter the normal functioning of the eyes or could be damaged the eyes; since the eyes is a very sensitive and delicate organ.

Precautions To Take When Using Cosmetics

Having discussed some adverse effect of cosmetics, it should not be concluded that cosmetics is, all in all, bad. There are some precautions that should be taken when making use of cosmetics. If the precautions listed below are adhered to, one can definitely reduce the harmful effect of cosmetics to the barest minimum. The precautions are as follows:

1) You should always ensure that you check the expiry date of whatever cosmetics product before buying them.

2) In the case of eye makeup, ensure that the brushes uses are always clean. Cultivating a very Good makeup habit is important. Unclean makeup brushes could stand as a breeding environment for microbes which could affect your cornea.

3) Nothing on earth is absolutely good r absolutely bad. What makes something good or bad is the extent to which it is being used. In other words, nothing moderate consumption is advisable in anything. Therefore, the use of cosmetics should be in moderation: no need for excessive consumption.

4) Ensure you buy your cosmetic product from a trisected and reliable outlet.

5) You should avoid buying substandard products or products which have not been certified by the appropriate regulating body.


As being said before, cosmetics could pose some health problem on the user. Using cosmetics has to be with absolute consciousness and care. Don’t just apply makeup on your face because others do so. You should always consult cosmetic practitioners do determine the compatibility. And lastly, moderation is the key word you need to bear in mind. Whenever you wear makeup, try as much as possible to be moderate. You should know the chemical component of the cosmetics you use and the effect of each component on the skin. Abstain from substandard products or products. And lastly, always go for checkup.


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