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How To Be Chic

Updated on April 6, 2010

I've taken to reading fashion blogs in recent times, because they only rarely involve watching the US Military murder foreign civilians, and to be honest, there's only so much foreign civilian murdering one can take before one turns to silly clothing as a means of dulling the pain.

The Elle fashion blog is a particularly interesting one because it mixes high fashion moments with what they call 'street chic', and whilst high fashion is perhaps where their bread and butter is, we all know that nobody actually wears high fashion and therefore who really cares about it. Unfortunately, 'street chic' often seems synonymous with 'dressed by a schizophrenic'. Let's see what you think.

No Pants Chic

This young blonde woman is doing it all right, apart from the fact that she's decided to live out everyone's worst nightmare and leave the house without pants (or a skirt, even a skirt would have done.) Now if you observe the other young female in the background of this picture, you will see that the boots / stockings / skirt look is very hot in NYC. So hot.

But this leggy blonde has taken the style to its illogical conclusion by leaving the skirt out entirely. This is what our grandparents warned our parents about when the mini skirts first came into style. It was the beginning of the degradation of pants entirely, the slippery dog-marrying slope was clear even then. Allow women to wear mini skirts one day, and the next they'll be wearing no skirts at all. She looks sort of cold too. I bet she's cold.

Baggy Chic

I've already said my piece on harem pants, and though this lady has the figure to pull them off, she still looks like a dancer from Flashdance. Is there anything wrong with looking like a dancer from Flashdance? Not at all, but if dressing up like characters from movies with nostalgic value counts as fashion chic, then why isn't my lion costume in right now? (From The Lion King, of course. If I go about the place saying 'SIMBA' in my best James Earl Jones voice, I should get double chic points, right?)

Skinny Chic

The main lesson I learned whilst pouring through what were quite often hideous photos of clothing you could probably find at your local goodwill, it was that with enough make up and a skinny body, you can make anything seem fashionable. Please don't take this to mean that you should lose lots of weight and become super skinny just to be chic. For one, you'll get annoyed with the way your hip bones and ribs stick out like a famine victim and for two, you'll still look silly.


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    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

      oh wow, those are some strange clothing decisions right there.

      The first clothing choice is nearest to chic if you ask me.

      But leaving without pants or skirt would ashame me.